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Visual Management Software

Visual management software solutions for manufacturers

Visual Management software and solutions provide an effective means of communicating to a wide group of people through the use of visual signals, helping to create an information rich environment. The use of visual signals as opposed to various forms of written communications, either paper based or on screen, allows for fast recognition and understanding of the information being transmitted.

Translate data into information, information into meaning and meaning into action!

There are two primary forms of visual management; Visual Display and Visual Control.

Visual Displays

Visual Displays convey important company and/or production information, such as current operations/progress status and performance metrics, in an easy to digest graphical format, to create a shared understanding and encourage teamwork. Seiki can support the delivery of production information in strategic locations throughout your organisation via a number of visual management solutions.

Responsive Design

The simple, easy to use touch screen interface enables the operator to interact directly with the system on almost any mobile device or Seiki Industrial PC, to work with the latest manufacturing data (such as drawings, simulation videos, photographs, layout sheets and tool lists) and to feedback live production and works order status data.

Seiki AIR Digital Work Queue

Live Status Views

Multiple Live Status views provide a dynamic real time view of the manufacturing environment showing current machine status and Works Order information. Options include Dashboard, Timeline, Andon and Factory Layout., which displays a pictorial representation of the shop floor overlayed with configurable status tiles containing live data such as Job ID, Time in Status, Works Order Number. The tiles are also colour coded to enable users to identify the live status of each individual monitored resource as it is updated on the terminal by the operator.

Seiki AIR Factory Layout Live Status


Graphical Planning and Scheduling

The Seiki Scheduler maintains the appearance and functionality of a traditional planning board to provide a graphical appreciation of the workload and capacity across your facility.  The ability to see every order on the workload and how they interact with each other means you are able to make informed planning decisions with greater confidence. The Scheduler’s simple traffic light system gives a clear visual indication of WIP and the potential impact of unforeseen changes to the workload in order to prevent late deliveries.

Seiki APS Solution

Digital Works Queues & Jobpacks

Help to align people and processes through a more collaborative and priority driven approach that generates real value to the business with prioritised, interactive digital work queues and complete production information jobpacks for each operation.

Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC

Utilisation and Performance Analysis

Using the data collected from the shopfloor, the Analysis screens increase visibility of the activities associated with every works order and shop floor resource through performance analysis charts and graphs. These simple yet powerful graphical views of critical data such as productive time, resource utilisation and efficiency make it easier to interrogate reliable, actionable data from the shop floor in order to quickly identify problems and highlight areas for improvement.

Seiki AIR Machine Utilisation Analysis Pie Chart



The Andon screens in Seiki AIR are an evolution of the classic Andon board, delivering a valuable combination of live production information to large groups of employees at the same time.

Seiki AIR Andon Screen

The visual display of critical production and process data can speed up operations by turning it into meaningful information that is easier to recognise, interpret and use, by a large group of people simultaneously.

Visual Control

Visual Control is designed to help control processes and trigger actions in response to deviations from standard. Providing visual cues that reinforce and instruct users in procedural activities helps to standardise the work environment, which is particularly important in operations where conformity to quality or industry standards and traceability are essential.

  • Jobpack DNC facilitates the controlled transfer of NC program files to the shop floor for use by the machine operator. The software provides a graphical file status to warn and restrict access to unproven programs. This type of systematic control can underpin your internal quality procedures.
  • Our Paperless Manufacturing solution provides accurate and complete job information such as drawings, simulation videos, photographs, layout sheets and tool lists to the point of use when it is required. Delivering critical production data electronically to the right place, enhances communication between the office and the shop floor, eliminates waste, improves performance and optimises operational efficiency.  The software can also aid in the definition, standardisation and enforcement of procedures through features such as NC file status and approval.
  • The Scheduler’s simple drag and drop feature provides a simplified and more dynamic approach to the traditional gantt chart style planning as it allows users to undertake what-if scenario planning to find an alternative, viable production plan. The software will automatically re-schedule the workload for all operations, giving you a graphical appreciation of the real affects of the changes to the entire production schedule.
  • Digital Work Queues ensure that machine operators know exactly what they are meant to be doing next and have access to critical, approved manufacturing data that reflects the latest manufacturing priorities. The software also displays a graphical indication of any deviations from the planned start/finish time.
  • Automatically generated notifications alert useswhen any deviation from predefined standard conditions, non-conformances or time in status thresholds occur. The system also prompts user input to required fields to ensure complete and accurate data.
Visual management software solutions for manufacturers

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