Planning and Scheduling Rules

Factor Description
Status The system will schedule works orders with any operation that has a W.I.P. booking status (i.e. it has been started) first. Note: if using Assembly scheduling then every part of the assembly is scheduled first.
Delivery Date The system will schedule works orders with earliest delivery date first.
Priority The system will artificially move the due date forward by applying the prioritisation values that you have defined against the individual works order and the threshold within the scheduling setup.
New Flag Schedule new works orders first.
Creation Date FIFO (First In First Out) i.e. the system will schedule the works orders in the order they were created.
With Analysis The system will calculate the lead time of each works order based on how long it would take to go through the manufacturing process if no other jobs are present. This is converted into days and subtracted from the order’s delivery due date to create an “internal start date”. The works orders are then sorted on this internal start date for loading onto the schedule, with the earliest internal start date loaded first. NOTE: This is option is assumed unless it explicitly states “Without Analysis”

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