John Davis - Managing Director, Seiki Systems Ltd
Managing Director

John Davis

I started my 40 year engineering career at 18 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I take this industry knowledge and insight and feed it into our product development to help increase productivity, visibility and efficiency within your manufacturing operations.

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Jamie Whalley - Marketing Manager, Seiki Systems Ltd
Marketing Manager

Jamie Whalley

I'm here to translate our software's features into benefits for our customers and to give people the information they need to be confident, successful users of our system.

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Neil Saunders - Area Sales Manager, Seiki Systems Ltd
Area Sales Manager

Neil Saunderes

My experience of working in various different roles in manufacturing means I can relate to the problems our customers encounter on a daily basis and demonstrate practical approaches with all users in mind. I'm keen to help you find your perfect solution.

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Wayne Lawrence - Area Sales Manager, Seiki Systems Ltd
Area Sales Manager

Wayne Lawrence

Having worked with hundreds of customers over the years, one of things I enjoy most is seeing the diversity of manufacturing operations in our industry. From aerospace to kitchens, buses to woodworking and everything in between. I try to pass all the experience I’ve gained in that time on to my future clients.

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David Michael - Support Team Leader, Seiki Systems Ltd
Support Team Leader

Dave Michael

I've worked in customer support and service for over 20 years, so I know how important it is to provide a single point of contact for your team. My aim is to make sure our customers always have access to help when they need it, resolving issues quickly and effectively to minimise any disruption to production.