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Seiki Manufacturing Execution Solutions

Seiki has been specialising in manufacturing software solutions for nearly 30 years. An integrated approach to your manufacturing systems can help transform the way your team works. Today our portfolio comprises of a suite of integrated production control and manufacturing execution software modules to maximise the productivity of production equipment and plant resources. They include:

Extending the agility and flexibility of the Seiki Scheduler to the point of execution, Seiki AIR then reflects the latest optimised plan for each of your manufacturing resources – updating as it changes.

Connected Factory

Standardised machine connectivity and seamless integration with ERP/MRP systems means you can have a complete picture and live, dynamic connection between your top floor and shop floor. The resulting enriched data can be used for deeper insights into performance and optimal use of your critical resources.

Smart Manufacturing

Offering the greatest possible control, transparency and decision-making capability for production operations in real-time, the system helps to meet the growing demand for manufacturing intelligence, quality control and flexibility. Empowering your team to make fast, informed decisions will free them to focus on value adding, problem solving, idea generation tasks – utilising their experience and skills more effectively.

Build your Solution

A modular, scalable solution means that you can start with your most critical areas first and then expand the system as you start to address the smaller, often more chronic performance losses that can take longer to uncover and resolve. It’s a process of continuous improvement – using the insights that the system delivers to determine your best next steps or to prove the efficiency of your process and support investment decisions.


Now is the time to adopt and invest in technologies that can help to unlock your true productivity potential!

Productivity Suite - Industry 4.0


At the core of your operations

Our aim is to work with you as your strategic Industry 4.0 (4IR) operational manufacturing management solution partner to secure your return on investment and support your business as it grows.  Our Productivity Suite solution is an integrated package of modular software so you can start your digital transformation journey with any of our modules, addressing your most critical areas first.

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