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Machine Event Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Seiki Machine Monitoring software enables users to capture the productive and non-productive events occurring on CNC and manual resources. The collection of live and accurate data is a key element to achieving consistently high quality and efficiency. So whilst traditional paper based methods can be used to collect and collate manufacturing data, they are often based on historical records and are likely to be inaccurate. Machine Monitoring builds greater integrity into the performance measurements of your manufacturing equipment.

Machine Data Collection

The software gives users real time visibility of all the events occurring on your CNC and manual machines. This means that:

  • Each operation and status change can be derived automatically (e.g. cycle start or alarm condition) via digital signals received from the machine tool, providing continuous recording of production times, including time and reasons for non-productivity.
  • Operators can manually enter additional operating conditions and status changes by selecting from 64 user defined activities on the local PC screen (e.g. waiting parts) using our simple HMI.
  • You have full traceability of all machine activities, which are recorded with a date and time stamp, along with the duration of each event in the system
  • The activities can be viewed as an event list or exported for evaluation and further analysis to identify reasons for inefficiency and understand reasons for lost productivity; it can also help to reduce maintenance costs.

We can support a dual installation of direct Ethernet based machine data acquisition and traditional digital I/O.

Seiki software actively supports MTConnect as an effective means of collecting actionable machine tool data. By providing a standard dictionary of data items, MTConnect delivers the connectivity and consistency needed for our Machine Monitoring software to capture the state of all your MTConnect enabled resources, irrespective of their make or model. This means our system can give you a complete, unified view of your shop floor activity and the contextualised data you need to focus on exceeding your productivity and efficiency targets.

Real Time Machine Status Visibility

The Factory Status visual management module can be configured to provide a dynamic real time view of the manufacturing shop environment showing current machine status and job information. Multiple licences of this software can extend this real time information availability to management or supervisory personnel anywhere in your organisation.

  • Visibility of the entire shop floor on one screen
  • The system can be configured to use automatically generated status conditions, so that in the event of machine alarms and stoppages the system can send emails and SMS messages to supportive personnel, e.g. Maintenance.
  • Alarm status alerts can be configured to pass an alarm condition message to nominated personnel to facilitate an immediate response to any machine activities that can ultimately have a negative effect on your overall productivity, supporting 24/7 machining and unmanned operations.

Machine Utilisation Analysis

Identifying the reasons for lost productivity can help to reduce costs and improve manufacturing efficiency. Graphical Machine Utilisation performance analysis charts and reports provide detailed and actionable insights into the productivity of each machine, together with non-productive reasons, based on real time data collection.

  • Access to live, actionable data direct from the shop floor
  • Make informed decisions and take action to resolve downtime issues that could be costing you money

Request a Demo

We’re delighted that you’re interested in Seiki’s Machine Event Monitoring software and want to hear from you. Our sales team can be contacted directly at 01273 666999 or via email and they will be happy to answer any questions that you have, to discuss technical features of the system and to arrange a demonstration.

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Machine Event Monitoring Screen Shots

Watch a Machine Monitoring software demo


  • Automatic and/or manual data collection
  • User defineable statuses
  • Remote live views of individual machine activity
  • Highly configurable
  • Graphical display of machine utilisation & productivity trends
  • Export data as .csv, .bmp or HTML format for easy distribution
  • Digital I/O connectivity with optional DPRNT support
  • Automatic generation of alarms condition alerts


  • Simple, accurate and reliable data collection of machine activities
  • Eliminates inaccurate & time consuming manual methods
  • Enables users to identify potential problems and take a proactive approach to maximising throughput
  • Supports unmanned operations with live status and alert warnings 24/7
  • Maximise the utilisation of your existing resources and base decisions for investment on real data
  • Real time access to shop floor information

Seiki Jobpack DNC

Integrate to Seiki Jobpack DNC to deliver accurate and complete works order information and work queues electronically to the operator terminal on the shop floor, eliminating copy and distribution times for paper-driven operations. The system includes an administrative toolkit for the management and control of NC Programs, including file status and approval, assignment of user access privileges and generation of traceability reports.

Seiki SFDC

Integrate to Seiki SFDC to view the current state of all work in progress, which in turn enables you to have a view of your true capacity for planning and scheduling work throughput. The result is improvements in manufacturing processes such as the flow of work in progress (W.I.P), the quality of parts produced, minimising scrap and machine downtime, and the distribution/availability of information throughout the organisation.

Seiki Scheduler

Integrate to Seiki Scheduler for a complete finite capacity planning solution designed to provide a high level of visibility and control of your manufacturing process. The system provides a dynamic, fast and flexible solution to a typically complex management procedure. It can create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of your true available capacity, as well as provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes in order to prevent late deliveries.

Ethernet machine data acquisition as an integral part of our Machine Monitoring solution. Data over Ethernet enables unified, robust communication with your CNC machines. It is compatible with Siemens, Mazak and Fanuc. This solution enables you to record and track machine events – valuable  manufacturing data that can make a real difference to your business.

Note: Seiki Monitoring is able to support a dual installation of direct Ethernet based machine data collection and traditional digital I/O

Protocols currently available:

  • Fanuc – uses Fanuc’s FOCAS control
  • Mazak – via in-built Mazak software on the machine
  • Siemens – via software that we install on the machine’s HMI, which communicates with the Siemens version of OPC

For a full list of data that can be collected via Ethernet based machine data acquisition, please download the product information sheet under the Documentation tab.



The Seiki solution is dependent upon your client server and LAN infrastructure. Seiki does not provide IT hardware, with the exception of:


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