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Digital Manufacturing


Digital manufacturing delivers an integrated, visual and controlled approach to the manufacturing process. Seiki’s digital manufacturing solution helps align demand and capacity to generate an optimised production process, underpinned by the core drivers and enablers of operational efficiency: live, accurate and complete manufacturing activity and performance data.

Connecting demand, people, data and machines

The system stores a detailed record of productive and non-productive events occuring on your machines and each works order, enabling users to retrieve and report on both the live status and historical performance of your manufacturing operations.

Seiki AIR WIP Booking Solution

Being able to trace the production status and history of parts down to the individual operation helps to support continuous improvement efforts, identify ways to reduce production costs and increase response time so you can quickly and confidently communicate your best solution to customers.

Digital data capture helps build greater integrity in the measurement of your manufacturing equipment and operations performance, so you can confidently analyse, evaluate and proactively minimise critical productivity losses to improve availability and work throughput – your ROI.

The power of an integrated solution is most evident with the resulting 360 degree view of each works order that is available through Seiki AIR. With the confidence that you’re analysing performance against a fully optimised plan generated by the Seiki Scheduler, supported by direct input by process owners at every stage, and reinforced by system verification and control features, your manufacturing organisation can work smarter, faster and better.

Ready to experience these advantages of digital manufacturing?

  • Improve operational efficiency by understanding performance down to the individual events
  • Reduce administration time and costs with paperless processing
  • Improve communication, transfer knowledge and increase visibility
  • Create and support repeatable processes
  • Take control and unlock opportunities

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