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Seiki AIR

After more than 25 years successfully helping manufacturers realise their digitisation goals, we’ve completely re-imagined the Seiki user experience.

We’ve taken all our knowledge and experience of working with companies of every size to standardise, enhance and optimise their production process, and used it to develop our next generation manufacturing operations management solution. Faster, easier, lighter – Seiki AIR makes your entry point onto the Industry 4.0 and the smarter factory journey readily accessible and promises to deliver actionable insights into your manufacturing activity and performance.

Faster, Easier, Lighter

Seiki AIR is an essential solution that will quickly and easily connect and support your valuable resources, with minimal disruption to production.

Browser Based

As a web-based application, Seiki AIR can be used on almost any device with a browser, which means all the necessary computing power is centred around your server, resulting in lighter IT infrastructure demands at point of use.

Role Orientated

Seiki AIR is a role orientated solution. It has been specifically built around user requirements and use cases. We’ve observed, listened and tested all the interactions between different roles and the system to make sure that Seiki AIR will fully support your daily work activities, responsibilities and goals.

Integrated Modules

We’ve always offered a modular solution and Seiki AIR is no different. This time however, we’ve created a workspace where the modules are more closely integrated than ever before to reflect the multi-tasking, multi-functional and often information rich demands of the modern manufacturing environment.

New Features

  • Digital Batch Card
  • Weekly Order Promise Screen
  • KPI Toolkit Reports
  • On-Screen and Email Notifications
  • Performance Dashboards on Shop Floor Terminals
  • Expanded Monitoring Status Matrix
  • Request First-Off Inspection
  • Notifications of Non-Conforming Parts
  • International Language Support
  • MTConnect and OPC UA Protocol
  • Single Point Server Based Installation and Upgrade
  • Supports Self-Hosted Web Server or Microsoft IIS

Get Started

Seiki AIR is designed to offer customers the greatest possible control, transparency and decision-making capability for production operations in real-time and to meet the growing demand for manufacturing intelligence, quality control and traceability. As well as rapid implementation, it offers standardised machine connectivity and seamless integration with ERP/MRP/APS systems to ensure a continual flow of information. Furthermore, with cyber security an increasing concern among manufacturers, Seiki AIR offers a safe and secure working environment. We ensure each release of our software has the latest security protocols and patches and that reliable authentication procedures are in place to prevent unauthorised access.

Seiki AIR offers a fast, affordable entry point onto your digital transformation journey. Contact us now to see a demo or call 01273 666999

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