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Seiki Manufacturing Execution Solutions

Seiki Systems has over 20 years experience in the development and provision of real time manufacturing execution and production control systems that provide an immediate, visual and dynamic picture of the ‘plan to make’ production process – your strategic and operational manufacturing management solution. We specialise in software that is designed to maximise the efficiency of production equipment and plant resources by addressing the complete works order lifecycle, from top floor to shop floor.

Seiki’s manufacturing software modules include real-time planning and scheduling, shop floor communicationsDNC and paperless manufacturing, SFDC and machine performance monitoring, W.I.P tracking, performance analysis and reporting and industrial touch screen PCs.

Introducing our Productivity Suite

Seiki at the core of your manufacturing operations

Seiki at the core of your manufacturing operations

The Seiki Productivity Suite is an integrated package of modular software that can be utilised for planning, controlling and improving the works order lifecycle of any manufacturing company that uses CNC/manual machine tools and manual processes.

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