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Supporting your entire team

With our manufacturing system we’ve got your entire team’s requirements covered.


Production & Operations Management

You’ll be constantly targeting improvements that will increase throughput and need to understand the real impact of different investment scenarios such as equipment changes, overtime, subcontracting, etc.

  • Create what-if scenarios to test the real impact of theories such equipment changes, overtime, subcontracting, etc before committing to any investment
  • Understand the real utilisation of your existing resources – analyse and compare their performance
  • Use KPIs such as Planned vs Actual and OEE to target even the smallest productivity losses

Production Planning Team

Save your Planning team time by making a complex process easier and faster, leaving them more time for creative problem solving and innovative approaches to improve efficiency and maximising capacity utilisation.

IT Department

Having worked with customers to implement and successfully adopt our solutions for 30 years we’ve built up a robust installation, training and support service over the years. Throughout your project we will explain what you can expect to happen and offer some tips and advice on how to ensure that the process runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  • We have proven, standard system integration and machine connectivity methods
  • Perpetual licensing, optional annual support and regular software updates provide confidence your system will continue to meet your needs long into the future
  • Knowing that you can pick up the phone and speak to someone to draw on their knowledge and expertise if you’re having a technical problem

Read more about our implementation approach and services

Financial Team

Your financial team will appreciate all the information they can get to help predict cash flow

  • The Scheduler will enable you to give them realistic shipping dates, plan work more effectively to help reduce stock and purchase material when its needed
  • Use the improved visibility, finite capacity planning methods, live and accurate resource activity and production process data to achieve greater throughput, improve the utilisation of existing assets, get more done on time and incease profitability

Sales Team

Informed sales teams can communicate more positively with customers and respond confidently to new business opportunities.

  • Make realistic deliver promise dates
  • Know exactly the type and mix of work required to fill shortfalls
  • Work towards shorter lead times that keep customers happy and support reponses to enquiries

If you’re looking for some guidance around digital solutions for your manufacturing operations or want to discuss how any of our software modules could support your business, our experienced team can support you or your team with a video or phone call.


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