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Shop Floor Communications

Manufacturing job information pack Production Work Queue

Paper-driven manufacturing processes can cause inaccurate information to be distributed to and collected from the shop floor leading to poor quality, increased non-value added (walk-around) time, the effects of which can, over time, result in higher costs and later shipments.

Becoming a more process focused organisation means manufacturing parts more efficiently and cost effectively. IT solutions configured to collect data, disseminate information, increase visibility and automate everyday activities provide essential support in your efforts operate a lean organisation, whilst creating a robust and reliable factory knowledgebase where performance and quality can be achieved through control and continuity.

  • Seiki Jobpack DNC – delivers all manufacturing data directly to the shop and facilitates the centralised storage and controlled transfer of NC files.
  • Seiki Monitoring – automatically and/or manually record resource status as derived electronically from the machine state conditions
  • Seiki SFDC – a job tracking data collection solution to provide detailed analysis of the progress and operation times of individual works orders

A lean approach

Taking a lean approach to manufacturing means eliminating waste and reducing non-value adding activities for which fast, effective and simple electronic shop floor communications are key. It can also aid in the definition, standardisation and enforcement of procedures through features such as NC file status and approval, automatic data collection and system customisation via Seiki Batch Script (SBS). SBS can be used to sequence any system operation that can be activated via a configurable command line. It can be used to access and manipulate data, for example when used specifically with Seiki Jobpack DNC a customised script for accessing the NC Editor can be compiled. This can include customisable scripts, such as ‘who’ and ‘why’, before the Editor is displayed and then ‘what changed’ after editing the file. The NC Editor changes will only be retained if these prompts are completed and the ‘prompt’ replies can be automatically appended to a ‘change log’ text file.

The benefits of a complete shop floor communications solution

  • Provides accurate and complete information to work stations at all times
  • Eliminate copy & distribution time for paper-driven operations
  • Creates a full audit trail, which can be used to easily access information required by customers and regulatory agencies, avoiding hours of paper chasing
  • Reduce administrative time and paper waste by delivering drawings, process instructions, etc electronically
  • Using one DNC solution to connect all your machines means a single, consistent user interface
Manufacturing job information pack Production Work Queue

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