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Industry 4.0

With no universal definition of Industry 4.0, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of navigating their way through a seemingly complex and infinite variety of opinion and options to identify practical approaches suitable for their business. The implication is that manufacturing is undergoing a revolutionary change, whereas in reality it’s more of an evolution, building upon an existing platform of technologies, theories and practices. So, the path to digital transformation and the realisation of the advantages it provides, is less difficult and more affordable than you think.

Seiki has been specialising in digital solutions since 1992, so we understand the importance of connecting the right data with the right people to make informed decisions. We also know that optimising the productivity of your manufacturing resources is critical. That’s why we recommend companies look to the shop floor first to understand the tangible and quantifiable benefits of digitisation.

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Seiki AIR Manufacturing Solution

A Modular Solution

Seiki offers a modular solution because we believe that to realise the full benefits of any digitisation programme, it’s important to identify and address your most critical areas first.

As well as being high risk, wholesale change is highly disruptive. With this modular approach you can start building your solution with any of our modules and use the insight that they provide to determine your best next steps for improvement and/or investment. It’s a process of continuous improvement, and one with enough flexibility to future-proof you for ongoing industry changes.

Our solution also enables you to integrate with your existing business systems such as ERP for frictionless processing of orders from start to finish. The manufacturing intelligence data from Seiki will enrich your business and logistics processes and bring them closer to the production line.

In today’s highly competitive and fast changing market, the technologies behind Industry 4.0 need to be accessible to all manufacturing organisations. Independent of size, all companies face common challenges such as on-time delivery, profitability, improved stock control, increased visibility and productivity. Recognising this, our solution is fully scalable, making it accessible to smaller companies with limited resources through to larger organisations running thousands of operations and with dedicated IT. It also means that you can benefit from our experience and best practice advice from working with companies at all stages in their growth lifecycle and across industry sectors.

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Digitising your shop floor

Methodically connecting and integrating your production resources to systems that collect and distribute manufacturing data will help satisfy the need for greater insight into how you can optimise the performance of your shop floor as an internal profit centre. As well as protecting the significant investments you’ve already made in your plant equipment, this approach helps to standardise operations and supports cross-functional teamwork through a higher level of transparency. It helps to break down silos of information and narrow perspectives that are constraints to a responsive and informed approach to changes. The broader the understanding people have of the context in which they are working, with greater visibility of upstream and downstream processes, the more empowered they are to make meaningful contributions to business-wide initiatives. It creates opportunities for more creative and progressive thinking.

Without the luxury of time in today’s intensely competitive business environment, consistency, a wide perspective and live information are critical for taking a proactive approach. You’ll be more agile with the systems and processes in place to control and monitor your critical operations, providing a robust foundation for further long-term investments and digital transformation strategies that support organic business growth.

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Ready to get started

“Get started” – it sounds simple but we understand the challenge. Sometimes it’s just easier to give into the everyday constraints such as time and resource and stick to the traditional approach that we’re comfortable with. But the fact is that change is happening and it’s accelerating at such a pace that means it’s not without risk to take a “wait and see” approach to Industry 4.0. It’s about preparing for the future now. Inaction could cause you to lose ground to competitors that have already started their journey in this new digital landscape.

We’re here to help make the start of your digital transformation journey as easy as possible, so talk to us. Our aim is to work with you as a strategic Industry 4.0 (4IR) manufacturing system partner to secure your return on investment and support your business as it grows.

Let’s have an initial discussion to ascertain your change drivers and goals. This will help us to understand the challenges that you and your team are currently facing. Call us on 01273 666999 or email


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