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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a simple and powerful indication of resource effectiveness.  OEE is the ratio between ”value adding time” (what customers will pay for) and the actual total time taken (what the manufacturer pays for).  The purpose of OEE is to measure the productivity improvement potential of a production process using a single metric and to help minimise waste – the core objectives of Lean Manufacturing. OEE can be used to identify overall losses, and losses in these specific areas.  Once a loss has been identified appropriate action can be taken to reduce the loss.

Generating a standard measurement that can be used for benchmarking and analysis is an essential tool for any business. Recording data manually is a labour intensive and time-consuming activity. Seiki OEE calculations are based on access to logged records obtained from the machine tool to provide live and accurate data. This means that small events that are often missed or recorded inaccurately are taken into account, allowing you to base decisions on factual and complete information. Real-time OEE metrics are easy to calculate for fast production throughput, such as canning, packaging, PCBs. Seiki AIR OEE is designed to specifically cater for high value, low volume and longer cycle time operations.

By calculating the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your existing assets, you can optimise their usage and reduce waste. This ultimately means reducing costs by avoiding unnecessary purchases and minimising downtime. An OEE figure combines measurements of machine availability, productivity and the quality of parts produced to quantify how effectively that resource is being used.

OEE Dashboard

Seiki OEE provides manufacturing organisations with the tools to turn data into knowledge. It commonly forms an essential element of lean manufacturing initiatives and can be used to drive continuous improvement strategies to enhance profitability. The manual and automatic data capture methods offered with the Seiki solution also enhance the integrity of the data on which strategic business decisions are made.

OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness


The benefits of OEE

  • Industry recognised performance measurement
  • See where you are losing time and productivity
  • Generate a standard measurement for analysis and benchmarking
  • Reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary purchases
  • Concentrate on areas that will provide the greatest ROI
  • Real-time key performance metrics (KPIs)
  • Fast and simple analysis reporting
  • Enables users to measure the effectiveness of multiple machines, without the problems associated with manual data collection and processing

Machine Data Collection – Availability

The software captures productive and non-productive events occurring on CNC machines and manual resources. Each status change can be captured automatically (e.g. cycle start or alarm condition) via digital signals received from the machine tool, providing continuous recording of production times.

  • Operators can manually enter additional operating conditions and status changes, capturing the reasons for the machine being in a non-productive state using the simple touch buttons.
  • Machine utilisation analysis provides detailed analysis of the productivity of each machine, together with non-productive reasons. The results are displayed in interactive pie, bar and Pareto charts.

Seiki AIR Monitoring Operator Performance Dashboard

Works Order Data Collection – Productivity & Quality

The quantity of parts produced can be entered either manually or automatically (via part counter if fitted to the CNC) and can be progressive during the batch or upon completion. The operator is then able to confirm the job(s) is completed, which can revert the user interface to a default configuration, e.g. waiting new job. Seiki software can also record information such as Good and Scrap part counts and scrap code reasons.

Seiki AIR Digital Work Queue


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