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Andon Presenter

Andon Presenter Large Format Display Andon Presenter Large Format Display

Andon Presenter is a new visual management feature within Seiki NMS designed to enable users to present live production information in strategic locations throughout your facility and therefore increase visibility of current performance to the wider team.

As a full screen solution the Andon Presenter is ideal for use on readily available and low cost television screens, PC monitors or projectors that can be conveniently mounted on the shop floor or in the production office, extending this real time information availability to management or supervisory personnel anywhere in the organisation.

An evolution of the classic Andon board, the Andon Presenter can be configured to present a number of performance screens on a continuous loop. One of the primary views recommended is the Live Status screen, which delivers a real time graphical plan view of the shop floor environment, showing current machine production status colour coded, as derived from Seiki’s automatic and/or manual machine event monitoring and optionally SFDC WIP booking software. A quick glance at the screen will tell staff the current status of all the machine resources on the shop floor. Furthermore, the NMS solution can be configured to use automatically generated status conditions to notify personnel via emails and SMS messages in the event of machine alarms, stoppages and associated events. The live visibility of the shop floor can create a more responsive and agile organisation by increasing the speed and accuracy of shared information, which in turn facilitates a faster and more effective response to downtime or other performance issues that could be costing you money. It also supports 24/7 machining and unmanned operations.

As well as live production status information, historical reports relating to the analysis of machine utilisation and job operation performance reports can also be presented in this large format display. The Analysis Toolkit within Seiki NMS provides an easy method of accessing, viewing and summarising manufacturing performance data to generate reports comprising of relevant information that can underpin continuous improvement and Lean initiatives. It produces detailed historical analysis of the productivity of each resource, as well as the progress and times of job operations for individual works orders, including comparison of planned vs actual job operation setup and production times.

Presenting this valuable combination of live and historical information to large groups of employees at the same time can help them to monitor their own progress, empower them to take actions to improve the company’s manufacturing performance and improve morale by having visibility of the very real and positive difference that their contribution makes.

What are the benefits?

  • Extends real time information availability throughout the organisation
  • Ideal for use on readily available and low cost screens, monitors or projectors
  • Presents real time and historical performance screens on a continuous loop provides people with a more complete view of the current situation
  • Enables faster response time and greater flexibility by increasing the speed and accuracy of shared information
  • Empowers people to monitor their own progress and take actions to improve the company’s manufacturing performance

Related Modules

Seiki Monitoring

Allows users to view and record of all productive and non-productive events occurring on each resource. This module focuses on the machine as a critical variable in the analysis of your overall efficiency, as it enables users to quickly identify, evaluate and respond to important events whilst increasing equipment availability and reliability. When combined with job data collected from the Seiki SFDC module, the organisation benefits from a complete picture, both in real time and historically, of all the variables that can inform continuous improvement strategies.

Seiki Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

Allows users to view the current state of all work in progress, which in turn enables you to have a view of your true capacity for planning and scheduling work throughput. The result is improvements in manufacturing processes such as the flow of work in progress (W.I.P) the quality of parts produced, minimising scrap and machine downtime, and the distribution/availability of information throughout the organisation.


Andon Presenter Large Format Display Andon Presenter Large Format Display

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