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Data Collection and Resource Monitoring

Machine Utilisation Performance Analysis

In every manufacturing segment the same business disciplines and requirements apply. They include the flexibility to respond to rapid changes, rigid documentation and reporting requirements, pressures to control costs and maximise efficiency. Communicating, sharing and analysing manufacturing data in real time can help support your business in its efforts to achieve the control and flexibility to be competitive in today’s demanding market. An integrated approach to manufacturing data collection, delivered by Seiki AIR, gives users a combined view of machine and production activities in one information rich, multi-functional workspace.

Manufacturing Data Collection

Seiki AIR Monitoring and Seiki AIR SFDC modules can help maintain and improve the flow of information between the top floor and the shop floor by collecting and delivering accurate, live production and manufacturing process information throughout the organisation.


Seiki AIR Monitoring

The software allows you to connect your machines to visualise and understand how your entire shop floor is performing. The software captures productive and non-productive events occurring on CNC machines and manual resources. Each status change can be captured automatically (e.g. cycle start or alarm conditions) via digital signals received from the machine, providing continuous recording of production times. Operators can also manually enter status changes and reasons for the machine being in a non-productive state using the simple touch buttons. The result is a dynamic, live view of the shop floor from anywhere on your domain as well as detailed analysis of the productivity of each connected machine.

Seiki AIR Andon Screen

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The software delivers a prioritised work queue for each resource to the Operator on the shop floor, enabling them to confirm the start, pause and finish of operations. The quantity of parts produced can be updated progressively during the batch, at the end of the shift, or entered upon completion. Users can also enter reasons for non-conformances. The resulting detailed record of the progress and times of operations for individual works orders, which enables you to retrieve and report on their live status and historical performance.

Seiki AIR Works Order Progress Screen

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Connected Factory

Standardised machine connectivity and seamless integration with ERP/MRP systems means you can have a complete picture and live, dynamic connection between departments. The resulting enriched data can be used for deeper insights into performance and optimal use of your critical resources.

Information you get from works orders and manufacturing machine activity data provides greater control and visibility of your performance, quality and resource availability. The result is improvements in manufacturing processes such as the flow of work in progress (WIP), the quality of parts produced, minimising scrap and machine downtime, and the distribution/availability of performance information throughout the organisation.

Keeping the schedule up to date with the status of all work in progress (WIP Booking module), combined with accurate cycle time data (Machine Monitoring module) makes it possible to constantly adjust and refine takt times, again reinforcing the accuracy of the live plans and helping to smooth out inefficiencies being introduced by fluctuating demands.

Seiki AIR WIP Booking Software

With an increasing focus on the shop floor as an internal profit centre, the ability to interrogate reliable, actionable data that has been collected in real time directly from the shop floor can provide a significant competitive advantage.

The benefits of real time data collection & resource monitoring

  • Improves the accuracy and speed of data collection
  • Enables you to identify the real reasons for lost productivity
  • Contributes to the effectiveness of advanced planning systems by providing accurate, live data
  • Provides longer term trend analysis to better understand the impact of changes or new strategies
  • Increases the visibility of every works order and shop floor resource for improved shop floor information distribution and availability
  • Improvements to manufacturing processes, such as the flow of W.I.P, and minimising scrap and machine downtime
  • Collect process data that may be critical to your quality standards
  • Supports green and sustainable manufacturing through efficient use of resources and a paperless environment
  • Feeds into lean manufacturing & continuous improvement programs to maximise output, minimise waste and drive down manufacturing costs

Your journey into Manufacturing 4.0 / the IoT has begun!

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