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Manufacturing Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software

Manufacturing business intelligence software is designed to retrieve, analyse and report data in order to help your organisation make informed data-driven business decisions. One of the biggest challenges organisations face is making sense of all the data that has been collected, and organising and presenting it in a meaningful format that can actually be used to improve performance.

Seiki can help companies bring together disparate islands of data, eliminating the problems and errors caused by working with multiple uncoordinated spreadsheets to control and plan critical areas of the business. Seiki’s manufacturing business intelligence supporting modules provide a clear, consistent, easy to use and administer user interface. More importantly, they deliver reliable data and a single version of the truth by synchronising and co-ordinating business and production information in real time to create a realistic, optimised plan for the entire factory.

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling – a complete finite capacity planning solution designed to provide a high level of visibility and flexible control of your manufacturing process
  • Performance Analysis – provides a clear, consistent and easy to use set of performance reporting tools that support data driven lean and continuous improvement strategies. It can help you to reduce waste, monitor trends, forecast business opportunities and optimise the utilisation of existing resources.

Today manufacturing organisations need to be agile, robust and customer-centric. This means that the ability to have a real time, dynamic and integrated view of business and production information can provide a significant competitive advantage. It can help manufacturing organisations to reduce waste, monitor trends, forecast business opportunities and optimise the utilisation of existing resources.

The benefits of manufacturing business intelligence

  • Essential business intelligence to support every stage of the order lifecycle
  • Optimisation of stock and order requirements
  • Standardised and consistent data records
  • Immediate updates of the latest manufacturing priorities can then be delivered to the shop floor, reducing data redundancy and costs
  • Aids in compliance with data traceability industry standards
  • Increased visibility enables companies reveal cost saving opportunities, predict future capacity and identify new sales opportunities, and take a proactive approach to preventing bottlenecks in production and late deliveries
  • Instant reporting eliminates time spent maintaining Excel spreadsheets and manual reports
  • Provides a platform for sharing information with customers and suppliers, optimising the supply chain
  • Provides a visual interface of performance metrics for data driven solutions
Business intelligence software

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