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Developing you manufacturing system

Seiki Systems’ solution is a portfolio of modular products that integrates the manufacturing enterprise and provides an immediate, visual and dynamic picture of the entire manufacturing process and can include earlier upstream disciplines such as design, providing the level of flexibility required by manufacturers to meet the ever changing demands of the industry and their customers.

Supporting your business

The modularity of Seiki software provides manufacturers with a flexible solution and progressive upgrade path and one of the key advantages is the ability to address your most critical areas first. Our solutions are designed to address a number of the key disciplines and requirements that are a critical element of every manufacturing organisation and industry segment. Our aim is to work with you to secure your return on investment and support your business as it grows, which means helping you to identify and implement a solution that can deliver the benefits that will support continuous improvement strategies and business objectives.

Data Collection & Resource Monitoring

Communicating, sharing and analysing information in real time can support manufacturing organisations in their efforts to achieve the control and flexibility to be competitive in today’s demanding market. Read more…

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software is designed to retrieve, analyse and report data in order to help your organisation make informed data-driven business decisions. Read more…

Productivity Suite

Seiki’s Productivity Suite is an integrated package of modular software that can be utilised for planning, controlling and improving the works order lifecycle of any manufacturing company that uses CNC machine tools and manual processes. Read more…

Developing you manufacturing system

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