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Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

Our Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) WIP Booking solution has been specifically designed with shop floor users in mind. The interface is uncluttered, easy to navigate and simple to learn, enabling operators to complete their daily work activities with minimal effort. Our primary goal is to make it straightforward for users to enter accurate, consistent production data that is of real benefit to your business.

The system supports transparent, frictionless works order processing. Tracking the live progress of each active operation delivers insight into the shop floor adherence to plan, helping to improve your on-time delivery performance.

Digital Work Queues Support Delivery Date Adherence

The digital work queue for each resource is driven by works orders released from the Seiki Scheduler or your existing APS/ERP/MRP systems. They are dynamically updated to reflect the latest priorities as defined in planning. Each operation on the queue contains the critical targets, including planned batch setup and part production times; operation start and finish times; and the works order due date. Operator access to this data supports informed decision making and the ability to make a direct contribution to on-time delivery performance.

  • Optional rippling logic prevents operations from being started out of sequence and validates the booked part quantities
  • Prevents the completion of an operation that has a first off inspection outstanding
  • Allows multiple jobs to be started in a resource
  • Delivers shared work queues for grouped resources
  • Generate work queues for grouped resources
  • All activities and user entries for resources, works orders and operations are captured and digitally stored in audit trails
  • Users can attach external files to operations, making them part of the batch record
  • Users can add comments and view notifications

Seiki SFDC Digital Work Queue

This increased level of detail will help you work in a more collaborative and priority driven way by aligning people and processes.

Work In Progress (WIP) Booking

The Operator can confirm the start and completion of each operation on the work queue for work in progress tracking.

  • The quantity of parts produced can be entered manually or automatically (via part counter if fitted to the CNC machine) and can be updated progressively during the batch, at the end of the shift or entered upon completion.
  • Users can enter reasons for non-conformance (good and scrap part counts) to help identify improvement opportunities for eliminating errors and reducing waste.
  • Users can add comments and view notifications such as when a non-conformance is raised.
  • Depending on your system configuration, the WIP bookings will also dynamically update the operation’s status in your scheduling system and can also be transferred to your ERP system.

Seiki WIP Booking SFDC software

Manufacturing Intelligence

The Job Report provides graphical reporting and detailed historical analysis of the progress and times of operations for individual works orders, including a comparison of planned versus actual job times and costs. As well as detailed job analysis the system also displays trends on repeating jobs in the form of a bar chart with activity lists.


The data from the shop floor can enable management to make informed business decisions and initiatives to reduce costs and improve performance.


Our sales team can be contacted directly at 01273 666999 or via email and they will be happy to answer any questions that you have, to discuss technical features of the system and to arrange a demonstration

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Tackle Productivity Losses & OEE

Enhance your solution with our Machine Monitoring module for a complete picture of your shop floor performance. It provides greater visibility of the significant loss causing events that are having the biggest impact on your throughput capability (potentially a quick win). Combined with your WIP booking data, it’s then possible to uncover and start to address the smaller, often more chronic performance losses. Together they also deliver the critical factors required to calculate OEE.

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  • Improve operational efficiency by understanding performance down to the individual operation
  • Reduce administration time and costs with paperless processing
  • Simplified and streamlined data capture process to reduce data entry errors
  • A data collection solution designed specifically for the shop floor environment
  • Improve visibility of works order status and material traceability
  • Drive faster decision making
  • Improve communication, shared information and increased visibility to drive on-time delivery performance
  • Achieve greater data accuracy and on-time deliveries
  • Optimise works order performance by improving output and reducing scrap levels
  • Capture the time attributed to works orders supporting more accurate job costing
  • Provides reliable data for continuous improvement strategies
  • Close integration with our other modules provides a seamless user experience – supporting the multi-tasking, multi-functional and time pressured demands of the modern manufacturing environment


  • Collect job status data – start/finish/pause
  • Automatic and manual part counting
  • Enter scrap code numbers and reasons
  • Graphical reports of individual job performance
  • Export data as .csv, .bmp or HTML format for easy distribution
  • Integrates to your ERP system for automatic updating of inventory levels

Seiki Scheduler

Integrate to Seiki Scheduler for a complete finite capacity planning solution designed to provide a high level of visibility and control of your manufacturing process. The system provides a dynamic, fast and flexible solution to a typically complex management procedure. It can create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of your true available capacity, as well as provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes in order to prevent late deliveries.

Seiki Monitoring

Integrate to Seiki Monitoring to automatically or manually record resource status as derived from the machine’s communication interface. The system enables you to record each changeover and setup times to identify the real reasons for lost productivity, effectively supporting continuous improvement strategies with live and accurate data. The Factory Status feature also offers a dynamic, real time view of the shop floor remotely to support unmanned operations and fast response to alerts.


Seiki Jobpack DNC

Integrate to Seiki Jobpack DNC to deliver accurate and complete works order information and work queues electronically to the operator terminal on the shop floor, eliminating copy and distribution times for paper-driven operations. The system includes an administrative toolkit for the management and control of NC Programs, including file status and approval, assignment of user access privileges and generation of traceability reports.


The Seiki solution is dependent upon your client server and LAN infrastructure. Seiki does not provide IT hardware, with the exception of:

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