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Networked Manufacturing System (NMS)

Seiki NMS is a manufacturing system designed for companies looking to maximise productivity and get the most from lean initiatives. It is a complete manufacturing software package for electronically distributing and collecting manufacturing process data. The system comprises of both manufacturing and business intelligence software – key business tools that are necessary for effective work management and to achieve maximum utilisation of critical production resources.

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Fast & Efficient Shop Floor Data Collection

An integral component of Seiki NMS is our easily maintained shop floor communications, DNC and data management software.

  • Deliver manufacturing data directly to the machine operators on the shop floor, providing complete job information packs with the additional flexibility of being able to view, edit and manipulate different file types based on user access privileges.
  • A graphical file status indicator provides confidence that all file transfers are controlled – the software automatically restricts access to unproven files.
  • Reliable transfer of NC Programs
  • NC Editor software

Seiki V5 Jobpack DNC Software

This type of systematic control of manufacturing data can underpin your internal quality control procedures.

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Machine Monitoring for Live Visibility

Machine event monitoring and works order data collection can help companies to maintain and improve the flow of information between the top floor and the shop floor by collecting and delivering accurate, live production and manufacturing process information throughout the organisation. Machine monitoring provides users with:

  • The ability to manually and/or automatically record the status of manufacturing resources and reports on performance both in real time and historically.
  • The factory status view provides a live and dynamic picture of the shop floor environment that is accessible from anywhere on the LAN/WAN.

Seiki V5 Monitoring Status Maintenance Software

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Shop Floor Data Collection – Closing the Data Loop

More transparent, effective and efficient order processing is supported by accurate works order data collection at the shop floor terminal, where the machine operator is able to confirm the start and completion of each works order.

  • The quantity of parts produced can be entered manually or automatically (via part counter if fitted to the CNC) and can be progressive during the batch or upon completion.
  • Information such as good and scrap part counts and scrap code reasons can also be logged.
  • Actual job operation times can be identified and configured to refresh the routing master within your manufacturing planning system, creating a closed data loop.

Seiki V5 SFDC WIP Booking Software

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Manufacturing Intelligence

Seiki Analysis software acts upon a central data repository, providing an easy method of accessing, viewing and summarising the manufacturing performance data to generate reports comprising of relevant management information. The system provides:

  • Detailed historical analysis of the productivity of each resource, as well as live progress and performance of operations for individual works orders.

Giving internal stakeholders to real time actionable data direct from the shop floor will enable them to make informed decisions and take action to resolve and prevent identified causes for issues that could be costing you money.

Seiki V5 Monitoring Analysis Software


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Our sales team can be contacted directly on 01273 666999 or via email They will be happy to answer any questions that you have and to discuss technical features of the system. 

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  • High speed, reliable data transfer
  • Full audit trail of file transfers for traceability
  • Centralised storage and display of manufacturing data
  • Integral NC Editor software
  • Links to other factory systems including ERP, PLM, PDM and other database systems
  • Simple and accurate automatic and/or manual data collection
  • Factory wide distribution of work queues
  • Work in progress (W.I.P) tracking
  • Remote live views of individual machine status and activity
  • Live status and alert warning 24/7 to minimise downtime
  • Graphic display of machine utilisation and lost productivity trends


  • Creates a centralised  factory knowledgebase
  • Supports a lean systematic approach to the manufacturing process
  • Eliminates inaccurate and time consuming manual methods
  • Ensures only the latest manufacturing data is used
  • Provides a dynamic, real time view of resource activities
  • Supports continuous improvement strategies with live and accurate data
  • Helps increase productivity and efficiency

Seiki AIR

Seiki AIR is our next generation operations management solution. It makes your entry point onto the Industry 4.0 and smarter factory journey readily accessible and promises to deliver actionable insights into your manufacturing activity and performance, giving you a firm platform to build upon.

Seiki AIR Manufacturing Solution

As a web-based application, Seiki AIR can be used on almost any device with a browser, which means all the necessary computing power is centred around your server, resulting in lighter IT infrastructure demands at point of use.

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Seiki Scheduler

Seiki Scheduler is a finite capacity planning and scheduling solution designed to provide a high level of visibility and control of your manufacturing process. The system provides a dynamic, fast and flexible solution to a typically complex management procedure. It can create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of your true available capacity, as well as provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes in order to prevent late deliveries.

Seiki Scheduler Planning Board

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The Seiki solution is dependent upon your client server and LAN infrastructure. Seiki does not provide IT hardware, with the exception of:

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