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Jobpack DNC & MDM

Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC and manufacturing data management software is an easy to use and maintain shop floor communications and NC program transfer solution. It offers a single source solution for all your CNC machines. Transitioning from traditional paper-based delivery and capture of manufacturing information to digital can help you make even greater improvements through immediacy, accuracy, and control. It’s also a critical factor in the drive to eliminate waste and reduce non-value adding activities.

Manufacturing Data Management

Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC delivers more than just networking your machines and transfer of NC programs. It provides shopfloor users with contextual manufacturing and production information in the form of digital jobpacks for each operation, which helps to mitigate the risks and costs associated with using incorrect file versions. 

  • Organise and administer production data and documentation related to individual parts and operations
  • Documents attached to a part record are automatically available to all linked operations, reducing administration time and making changes faster and easier by updating multiple records simultaneously
  • Create multiple routings for each part
  • Create digital jobpacks for each operation and assign to resources
  • Attach files such as CAD drawings, simulation videos, images, job cards, tooling sheets, NC Programs, etc.
  • View file version history and access previous versions of documents and files
  • Side-by-side comparison of NC programs

Manage production parts, routes and operations

Instantly providing users with all the information they need to complete an operation supports compliance and traceability, minimises the need for unnecessary checks and increases operational efficiency.

We can carry out a customised one-off import of your existing parts, operations, folders and files to automatically generate digital Jobpacks. The DNC software can also be interfaced to the Seiki Scheduler to dynamically update part and operation records.

DNC Software: File Status and Control

The Jobpack file status, in conjunction with user permissions, controls access to and use of unproven files and programs by operators on the shopfloor.

  • User roles determine who can create, edit/reject. delete or approve Jobpack and files
  • User permissions determine who can view Jobpacks and transfer unproven programs
  • Track machine actions, file transfers, and Jobpack changes in the audit trail

Seiki AIR Digital Jobpacks

NC Program Transfer

On the shopfloor, we’ve made it even easier for operators to find NC programs. There’s no need to search through explorer style files and folders. Each resource displays a searchable list of released Jobpacks that are available for selection. If you have the Seiki AIR WIP Booking module, a Jobpack can also be accessed directly from the linked operation panel on the work queue.

  • Select and send programs from any device
  • Multiple simultaneous file transfers
  • View the live progress of a file transfer on-screen
  • Ensure only the latest, approved file versions are used to avoid costly errors and avoid scrap/rework
  • Ensure programs are only accessed by users with the appropriate resource and file access permissions
  • Upon receiving a returned program, the Jobpack file status is automatically changed to prevent unauthorised user access to unproven files and flags them as “Returned” for a supervisor or engineer’s approval

Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC software shopfloor user screen

CNC Machine Connectivity

Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC software supports industrial network connections via Ethernet (including protocols such as FANUC Focas and Heidenhain) or serial/RS232.

It is a flexible solution that allows you to connect all your manufacturing resources, including legacy machines, so users can quickly and easily send and receive program files from any mobile device or PC.

We know that precision engineering manufacturers will often have a mix of CNC machine types to be able to offer a flexible, high quality service to their customers. Over more than 25 years we’ve built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in CNC machine connectivity, having connected to all types of CNC machine makes, models and types. This means that we can continue to support your DNC software requirements as you change, upgrade or invest in new machines.

Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC software ntegrates seamlessly with Seiki AIR WIP Booking and Monitoring modules for a complete operations management solution.

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  • Full audit trail of file transfers and Jobpack changes
  • User roles, permissions, and passwords control access
  • Compare NC program files
  • Multi port serial devices enable simultaneous requests from each CNC
  • DNC software supports most machine types, including legacy machines
  • Manage parts, routings, operations. Include up-issuing of parts facility
  • Create jobpacks for each operation and assign to resource
  • Send and receive NC program files
  • Graphical files status

Additional Benefits

  • Centralised storage of your manufacturing documentation
  • Instant access to comprehensive production information – everything the operator needs to complete the operation
  • Support knowledge transfer and improve efficiency
  • Simple administration of Jobpacks makes the transition to paperless faster and easier

Seiki AIR Monitoring

If you want to control costs, get more value from your resources and ensure capital investments return revenue quickly, it’s essential to collect detailed information about all productive and non-productive events occurring on your shop floor.  Seiki AIR Monitoring helps build greater integrity in the measurement of your manufacturing equipment performance, so you can confidently evaluate and proactively minimise critical productivity losses to improve availability and work throughput – your ROI.

Seiki AIR Andon Screen


  • Capture productive and non-productive events occurring on CNC machines and manual resources
  • Supports a dual installation of direct Ethernet based data acquisition and traditional digital I/O for legacy equipment, as well as MTConnect, OPC and other machine specific software protocols
  • Customisable ten by infinity status grid
  • Operators can view and monitor the performance of each resource
  • Capture machine generated alarm codes (where available) for insight into micro stoppages
  • Record when a machine has been running in a non-optimal condition
  • Dynamic, live view of the shop floor from anywhere on your domain
  • Dive into the productivity of your resources with machine utilisation analysis

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Seiki AIR WIP Booking

Extending visibility and control of your customer works orders beyond your ERP and APS systems to the shop floor via prioritised, interactive work queues is the key to fast, frictionless order processing. With the growing challenges of global competition, increasing material costs and lead times, exacting quality standards and critical deadlines to be met, being able to drill down into the detail of each operation is a significant advantage. By connecting multiple departments with shared insight, it can help to minimise risk, make informed delivery promises and achieve the agility needed to stay responsive to customer and industry demands.

Seiki AIR Works Order Progress Screen

  • Works out-of-the-box with the Seiki Scheduler or your existing ERP/MRP/APS system via a configurable interface
  • Operator confirms the start and completion of each operation to dynamically update the status in your ERP/APS system
  • Enter part counts and scrap reasons
  • Start multiple operations on a single resource
  • Send and record First Off Inspections
  • Users can attach files, add comments and view notifications of non-conformances to help control quality levels
  • Follow the overall progress of operations – live and historically via the batch card to help increase quality and consistency

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Industrial Touch Screen Computers

Our industrial touch screen computer combines simple operation and excellent visualisation all in one. It is available in two screen sizes and is ideally suited for delivering your full screen applications to the shop floor. All our PCs are IP66 rated, which means that they are protected from total dust ingress and are protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.

Read more about Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC:

The Seiki solution is dependent upon your client server and LAN infrastructure.

Server Hardware Requirements

  • Quad Core 2.4GHz or faster
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Storage: 8GB for SQL and 2GB for the application

Mobile Devices

  • Quad Core 1.8GHz or faster
  • Operating System: iOS (latest version), Android 8.1 Oreo or later
  • 3GB RAM
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Screen resolution: Optimised for 1920 x 1200 pixels


  • Hardware and software requirements are representative and may vary by customer deployment.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 is required for all products installed on any PC or Server. Please check the Microsoft IIS supported operating system versions.
  • Database server sizing is influenced not just by Seiki applications but also by the operating system, the database used plus other applications utilising the server. Seiki Systems cannot assume any responsibility for recommendations other than for the applications it supplies.

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