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Jobpack DNC Software

Seiki Jobpack DNC software is a shop floor communications solution designed to give you centralised storage and controlled transfer of NC files. It offers a single source solution for all your CNC machines. Taking a lean approach to manufacturing means eliminating waste and reducing non-value adding activities for which fast, effective and simple shop floor communications are key.

More than just DNC software

Seiki Jobpack DNC software is more than just networking your machines and managing your NC programs. It delivers all the manufacturing data for each individual operation directly to the shop floor in complete Jobpack folders, giving users immediate, effortless access to the information they need to complete a job.

  • Access all NC program files
  • View, edit and manipulate files (based on user access privileges)
  • Access complete job information packs, including CAD drawings, simulation videos, photographs, NC programs, job cards, etc.
  • See a graphical file status verification and a comprehensive audit trail log
  • Configure the system to meet requirements specified in quality or operating standards to ensure complete compliance

Seiki V5 Jobpack DNC Software

The software is installed on the server and on each networked PC (via any Windows compatible network). The shop floor PCs access files or folders stored on the server which are configured in the standard Microsoft Explorer format. This type of systematic control of manufacturing data can underpin your internal quality control procedures.

Jobpack Manager Toolkit

The Jobpack Manager toolkit includes the Seiki NC Editor, which enables NC programs to be easily compiled/edited.

  • Simultaneously display files to enable quick line by line comparisons
  • Proven blocks of code can be easily transferred to create new NC programs and the library can be used to store standard blocks of code for start up, tool changes, etc., ready for input.

Control is another key feature of Seiki Jobpack DNC software. The system offers 8 levels of user access control (with password protection) for file viewing, graphical file status and control – warning of and restricting access to unproven programs, and edited NC Program transfer control – all programs in a job folder can be automatically blocked until the returned NC Program is approved.

System Customisation

We are able to customise your system through our bespoke Seiki Batch Script facility (SBS). A powerful yet simple tool, SBS leaves your core software unchanged leaving the customised element intact for your particular application. 

Example customisations using SBS can include:

  • The sequencing of any system operation that can be activated via a configurable command line.
  • The ability to access and manipulate data with the system software.
  • When used specifically with Seiki Jobpack DNC, we can customise data entry prompts such as ‘who’ and ‘why’ before the CNC Editor is displayed, and then ‘what changed?’ after editing the file. The Editor changes will the only be retained if these prompts are completed and the ‘prompt’ replies can be automatically appended to a ‘change log’ text file.

All this means that you can tailor your system to address your particular data and process control procedures. It also helps to improve the flow of information between the business and manufacturing operations.

Coming Soon – Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC

In addition to the core functionality of V5, Seiki AIR Jobpack DNC will be a browser based solution and will enable you to administer production data and documentation related to parts and operations. Once approved or updated, records are instantly available to authorised users – giving them all the information required to complete an operation on a single screen, accessible directly from the work queue. This supports better decision making, minimises the need for unnecessary checks and increases operational efficiency.

CNC Machine Connectivity

We know that precision engineering manufacturers will often have a mix of CNC machine types to be able to offer a flexible, high quality service to their customers. Over 20 years we’ve built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in CNC machine connectivity, having connected to all types of CNC machine makes, models and types. This means that we can continue to support your DNC software requirements as you change, upgrade or invest in new machines.


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Complete Solution

One of the further benefits that Seiki can offer, is a growth plan for your system. For example, once you’ve got your machines connected for DNC the next logical step is to monitor their activity to improve efficiency and reduce downtime with by extending your solution with the addition of our Monitoring module.

Seiki V5 Monitoring Status Maintenance Software

With a modular solution our aim is to work with you to secure your return on investment and support your business as it grows. Your journey into Manufacturing 4.0 has begun!

Watch a Jobpack DNC software demo


  • Full audit trail of file transfer
  • 8 level user access control
  • View, edit and manipulate NC files
  • Multi port serial devices enable simultaneous requests from each CNC
  • Each Jobpack DNC installation supports up to 255 machines
  • Built in script facility for individual customisation
  • Optional display of ‘work-to-lists’ for operators
  • Links to other factory systems, including PLM, PDM, or other database management systems


  • Centralised data management
  • Instant retrieval of complete job information packs
  • A configurable password facility ensures data security
  • Control of your manufacturing data and process
  • Graphically warn and restrict access to unproven programs
  • Easy upgrade path

Seiki Monitoring

Integrate to Seiki Monitoring to automatically or manually record resource status as derived from the machine’s communication interface. The system enables you to record each changeover and setup times to identify the real reasons for lost productivity, effectively supporting continuous improvement strategies with live and accurate data. The Factory Status feature also offers a dynamic, real time view of the shop floor remotely to support unmanned operations and fast response to alerts.

Seiki SFDC

Integrate to Seiki SFDC to view the current state of all work in progress, which in turn enables you to have a view of your true capacity for planning and scheduling work throughput. The result is improvements in manufacturing processes such as the flow of work in progress (W.I.P), the quality of parts produced, minimising scrap and machine downtime, and the distribution/availability of information throughout the organisation.

Industrial Touch Screen Computers

Our industrial touch screen computer combines simple operation and excellent visualisation all in one. It is available in two screen sizes and is ideally suited for delivering your full screen applications to the shop floor. All our PCs are IP66 rated, which means that they are protected from total dust ingress and are protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.

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The Seiki solution is dependent upon your client server and LAN infrastructure. Seiki does not provide IT hardware, with the exception of:

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