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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates essential business processes into a single system that enables information to flow easily through the entire company. It can help manufacturing SMEs overcome the problems normally associated with trying to use multiple, uncoordinated spreadsheets and databases by integrating all the business functions into a single multi-user system. When integrated to the Seiki suite of manufacturing software it can help companies become leaner and more efficient.

If you are currently looking to implement an ERP solution, our recommended ERP software partner delivers an easy to use solution ideal for make-to-stock or make-to-order manufacturers that produce single or multi-level BOMs.

Adding value with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The main difference between JobDISPO ERP and conventional ERP systems is that it can work with or without detailed item master data. It is effectively a quick start solution as users are able to start almost immediately with added value activities. The software enables:

  • Effective stock management
  • Demand and process planning
  • J.I.T supply and delivery scheduling
  • Document management
  • Management reporting


System Integration – Planning & Scheduling

JobDISPO ERP is integrated with the Seiki Scheduler, a graphical real time finite capacity planning system, to provide users with a total business solution designed to help improve productivity and support business growth
Our production planning and scheduling software is helping many manufacturing companies to do more than just produce workable production plans, it’s delivering plans that help to strike an effective balance between the demands of meeting delivery dates and managing workflow efficiently and economically.

Digital Work Queues

With our WIP Booking module you can deliver digital work queue for each resource is driven by works orders released from the Seiki Scheduler or your APS/ERP/MRP systems.

hey are dynamically updated to reflect the latest priorities as defined in planning. Each operation on the queue contains the critical targets, including planned batch setup and part production times; operation start and finish times; and the works order due date. Operator access to this data supports informed decision making and the ability to make a direct contribution to on-time delivery performance. The Operator can then confirm the start and completion of each operation on the work queue for work in progress tracking.

Seiki AIR Manufacturing Solution

> Find out more about Seiki AIR WIP Booking module

Visual Business Management

JobDISPO’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a highly visual business management solution offering intelligent status administration in the form of a traffic light system that enables users to see at a glance the current conditions of the company.
  • See which processing steps of a an order are started/in progress/finished
  • Understand where money has been earned/lost and which invoices have been paid or are outstanding

Business Analysis and KPI Reporting

Using commercial reporting tools, such as Crystal reports, various business analysis and KPI reporting is possible. The system includes a number of standard formatted reports, including all essential documentation such as quotations, delivery notes, invoices, etc., which are customised with your company logo and address during installation. Any additional reporting and analysis requirements can be scoped and specified during the project discovery phase with the team.



  • Business documentation – quotes, purchase orders, invoices
  • Administer and process customer orders
  • Stock Management
  • Customer and Supplier Management
  • Administration of BOMs
  • J.I.T supply and delivery scheduling
  • Final & in-process cost calculations
  • Interfaces to your financial software or CAD/PLC programs


  • A single, consistent set of core business records
  • Essential business intelligence to support every stage of the order lifecycle
  • Control and optimisation of stock and order requirements
  • Cost calculations based on actual figures
  • Does not require detailed master data
  • Fast implementation and rapid return on investment

Seiki Scheduler

Integrate to Seiki Scheduler for a complete finite capacity planning solution designed to provide a high level of visibility and control of your manufacturing process. The system provides a dynamic, fast and flexible solution to a typically complex management procedure. It can create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of your true available capacity, as well as provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes in order to prevent late deliveries.


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The Seiki solution is dependent upon your client server and LAN infrastructure. Seiki does not provide IT hardware, with the exception of:

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