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Works Management Magazine IT Strategy issue now available

Manufactuing planning board software

The latest IT Strategy issue from Works Management is now available and it features Seiki’s sales director Paul Lane discussing the merits of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) systems. Paul explains how APS systems produce achievable schedules, based on real-life factory constraints and provide a platform for delivering manufacturing performance improvements as well as on-time orders.

“Too many manufacturers are held back by a gap in their IT systems – but it’s not the gap that they probably imagine. And the result is missed opportunities, says Paul Lane, sales director at specialist manufacturing software vendor Seiki Systems. Specifically, he explains, opportunities to boost capacity utilisation, opportunities to improve due date performance, and opportunities to reduce work-in-progress.” Read the full article on the Works Management website or download a PDF copy of the article below.

I am interested in Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) systems

If you are interested in the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) systems, read more about the Seiki Scheduler and watch a short demo video


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