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What if? Now that’s a great question


We work in a world where we speak with data but the real trick is to be able to ask questions and get meaningful answers. That’s why What if? is a great question to ask of your planning and scheduling system. It’s when the system is asked to show that it understands what you are trying to achieve and therefore presents results or predicts outcomes that will be most meaningful.

  • What-if we could help you improve your delivery date performance?
  • What-if we could help you say yes confidently to those new sales opportunities?
  • What-if we could help you speed up your production planning?
  • What-if we could help you achieve an optimal schedule based on your true capacity?

What if you could predict the future?

Predicting the future isn’t that easy but it’s not impossible, at least not in manufacturing (sorry, no winning lottery numbers here). Let me explain why…

Planning and scheduling software can be simply described as a visual tool for modelling the outcome of any combination of factors within defined parameters. As long as the system is provided with the information (data) it needs to create an accurate picture of your production and processes, it can accurately reflect the consequences of changes to the model and reliably predict outcomes. And quickly! Time is a critical factor for all organisations. You want to predict results and make timely decisions based on what the system is telling you.

As a very simple example; Seiki’s dynamic graphical scheduling software can help you see the impact of adding new jobs to the expected delivery dates of already planned works orders. Then, using drag and drop, easily move them around the planning board until you achieve an optimal plan that keeps all customers happy. All this without affecting the live schedule, until you want to: true what-if planning.

  • Create snapshots of your what-if scenarios and then load the most effective plan
  • See the live ripple effect of any operations not starting on time
  • Quickly assess the impact of changes with colour coded analysis
  • Adjust individual resource availability and efficiency for the most accurate capacity model
  • Perform collaborative scheduling; sharing scenarios using graphical Simulation

So the meaningful answer to my original question “What-if we could help you…?” really is, we can!

I’m interested in the Seiki Scheduler what should I do now?

We’re delighted that you’re interested in Seiki’s production planning & scheduling software and want to hear from you. Our sales team can be contacted directly at 01273 666999 or via email and they will be happy to answer any questions that you have and to discuss technical features of the system. Alternatively, please complete our contact form.


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