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WFEL upgrade to Seiki Jobpack DNC system

Graphical file status verification

WFEL Limited has successfully upgraded to the latest version of Seiki Jobpack DNC system to enjoy long term benefits and to improve functionality whilst retaining continuity. Seiki Jobpack DNC has been developed for users that require a higher level, easily maintained shop floor communications and NC data management control system.

An established world leader in tactical military bridging, supplying 40 armed forces across the world for over 40 years, WFEL’s expertise includes concept design, prototype manufacture and full scale production of a range of rapidly-deployable, modern bridging systems for use in military and disaster relief scenarios. A key consideration in the manufacture of these complex products, used globally to help facilitate the movement of products and services, is the movement and management of the production data used in the manufacturing process.

John Mawdsley, a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at WFEL explains why the company changed systems. “After DLoG UK merged with Seiki Systems Ltd back in 2008 we decided to migrate from the old DLoG DNC system to the Seiki Jobpack DNC system because we recognised that this would improve the reliability and usability of our system. In addition it would give us access to support and all the latest product versions from Seiki as they become available (we have upgraded to the latest V5 more recently). The Seiki and DLoG merger also gave us the confidence needed to undertake the change of manufacturing system as we knew Seiki would understand how we needed to work as a company, and how to help us get the best from the new Jobpack DNC system.”

The knowledge also helped deliver an incredibly smooth and quick implementation time. Mr Mawdsley again,  “The original system migration involving 15 computers took less than a week and while there were a few teething problems as you would expect with any change in system, the telephone support  from Seiki was excellent and all issues were quickly resolved.” And quickly delivering the benefits as Mr Mawdsley goes on to explain, “As well as being very modern, the Seiki system is also very user friendly. Not only are the shop floor operatives finding it a very simple and intuitive system to operate, I personally find it very straight forward to use and extremely reliable.”

Seiki Jobpack DNC software delivers all manufacturing data directly to the shop floor, facilitating centralised storage and controlled transfer of NC files. Key features include the ability to view and edit files (based on user access privileges), graphical file status verification and a comprehensive audit trail log. As an optional feature, the system can provide electronic work queues to give operators forward visibility of the workload and latest manufacturing priorities. Seiki Jobpack DNC is designed to ensure the delivery of accurate, timely and complete information at the point of use, eliminating copy and distribution times of paper-driven operations. The latest version V5 has a completely new  and enhanced user interface, and all the modules can be used together seamlessly integrated to Seiki’s manufacturing execution software (MES) to enable companies to expand their system as required.

Seiki Sales Director Paul Lane comments on the project, “Since the merger of the two companies, it has been a key priority for Seiki to continue to support our DLoG customers by protecting their investment and securing the future upgrade path of their manufacturing system. To achieve this we offer a number of flexible solutions to migrate from DLoG to Seiki software. We are delighted that WFEL has successfully achieved this transition and been able to take advantage of the software enhancements that are available within our latest software version 5, along with the customer support that we offer. Our aim now is to continue to work with WFEL as their business and manufacturing system requirements evolve, to ensure we are able to deliver the best solution for their business needs.”

For more information about how you can upgrade your existing DLoG manufacturing system please contact our sales team on 01273 666999 or email We look forward to hearing from you.


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