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Smart Factory

Seiki Smart Factory

The Smart Factory of the Future is no longer a distant ideal. It’s a very real, achievable vision that’s available to all companies that are ready to embrace the technologies behind Industry 4.0. Now is the best time to refresh your manufacturing enterprise and take the complexity out of your path to a smarter factory with a single, affordable operations management solution that supports all your critical production activities.

Seiki has been helping its customers to unlock the value in their manufacturing data since 1992, so we know the real and tangible benefits of digitalised operations. We can help you take those critical steps towards a more efficient, flexible and connected factory.

Keep it Lean

Our philosophy is to help companies take a lean approach to their manufacturing system by offering all the out-of-the-box core functionality and support needed from a single source. You can start your Industry 4.0, digital transformation journey with any of our modules, addressing your most critical areas first. We’ll then work with you to secure your return on investment and support your business as it grows.

This approach allows you to take manageable steps towards achievable targets and use the manufacturing intelligence gained to inform your next strategic objectives. It’s a process of continuous improvement and an approach that has been proven by our customers at all stages in their growth lifecycle and across industry sectors.

For some companies taking a more holistic approach from the outset is more appropriate. It allows them to benefit from the seamless, interoperability of our modules by monitoring and managing the complete works order lifecycle. Whatever approach you take, we provide a complete service that includes, planning, installation, implementation, customisation, training and after sales support.

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