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Seiki Systems and DLoG (UK) sales growth success


Seiki Systems and DLoG (UK) have announced that their first quarter figures were up 27% compared to the same period in 2009. Since joining forces in May 2008 Seiki Systems and DLoG (UK) have experienced steady growth in sales of their manufacturing software and industrial hardware solutions, despite the UK experiencing one of its worst financial crises in 2009, which saw a general decline in manufacturing IT sales.

John Davis, managing director explains, “2009 provided unique challenges for the manufacturing sector. We took the approach of continuing to invest in growing our business with the view that we would then be fully prepared to take advantage of the upturn in the economy when it came. To this end we have developed new partners, both in the UK and Europe, appointed a business development manager to grow sales of DLoG industrial hardware in the UK and expanded our software development team. The end of year results reflected our belief in the quality of our products and services and concerted efforts by the team to continue to deliver solutions that meet the changing requirements of our customers. This combined with such promising first quarter results and a highly successful MACH exhibition, it promises to be an exciting year.”

Feedback from the exhibition suggested an increasing focus on what is happening on the shop floor in order to execute the manufacturing process more efficiently and economically. Seiki’s Networked Manufacturing System (NMS) remains one of the most flexible and comprehensive shop floor communications solutions available to SME manufacturers in the UK today and MACH was the first time Seiki NMS has been demonstrated on DLoG industrial touch screen computers, specifically the ITC 7 which is ideally suited to applications such as data acquisition in assembly and manufacturing. John Davis continues, “The strength of our portfolio lies in its modularity and the ability to address the complete works order lifecycle, from top floor to shop floor. As feedback from MACH confirmed, visibility and control of all stages of the manufacturing process is becoming increasingly critical and this is what our solutions aim to provide.”

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