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Seiki Scheduler – Microsoft Project Export Module


The Microsoft Project Export module that we offer as an option with the Seiki Scheduler can be used to enhance your view and understanding of in-process manufacturing data, whilst supporting recent Lean manufacturing initiatives.

The software allows you to create a snapshot of the schedule at that moment in time by creating a MS Project .MPP file. The MS Project Export Module will create a file quickly and efficiently based upon the selected filtered criteria, such as customer and works orders for the selected customer. This provides total control of the data to be output. The created MS Project file can then be used internally or sent to the customer depicting the current state of each individual works order and operations planned dates. An example of this may be a day plan request from a customer for specific jobs. To create this manually can be laborious depending upon the number of jobs requested.

Demonstration video now available

A short demonstration video of the MS Project Export module is now available on our YouTube channel. It provides a simple overview of the key features of the software.

Watch the video


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