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Seiki Scheduler: Factual, dependable and repeatable

Kirkstall Production Planning

With such a fast changing and high volume order book, one of the primary planning challenges for Kirkstall Precision’s production manager Steve Wilson was having visibility of their true capacity. Supplying to such a diverse range of industries and particularly key OEMs within the medical industry requires an agile approach whilst retaining the highest levels of quality and responsiveness, which is why Kirkstall decided to invest in the Seiki Scheduler.

Prior to investing in Seiki advanced planning and scheduling software with W.I.P booking and Electronic Work Queues, Kirkstall’s primary production management system was SOAP – a bespoke system developed by company co-owner Tim Buckley to manage all resources, BOMs and routings.  It had been effectively supporting order processing for nearly eight years. However, mindful of the inherent risks of relying solely on an in-house developed system, the management team was keen to explore specialist solutions designed for manufacturing environments, that could meet their current and future requirements.

“It was obvious from the outset that the Seiki software was designed for a manufacturing
application and not something that had been adapted to fit the purpose.
The core out-of-the-box functionality was going to do the job we wanted it to do
without needing to buy multiple “add-ons” to satisfy our requirements.
But we also knew that when we want to grow the system,
we’d be able to do that with Seiki.”

After selecting the Seiki Scheduler going live was made easier by the familiarity and uncomplicated functionality of the system. The graphical user interface gives a highly visual view of everything in real time. Simple traffic light style colour coding, combined with fast and simple filtering, shows the information needed quickly. This information was already available in SOAP but to extract it from that system was a much more laborious process. Steve explains, “You just want to be able to pick something up and to run with it. It enabled me to do what I was already doing but a lot faster.” And it was the speed of the system the provided the first most noticeable benefit. Manually generating production schedules was a job that previously took hours and minutes. With the Seiki scheduling software it now took seconds, leaving Steve to best describe the system as a ‘number cruncher’. He continues, “I can have the answer I need on the screen almost instantly, which makes me ask more questions. It keeps me busier exploring ideas, being more creative and it frees up my time to do other jobs.”

The system is factual, dependable and repeatable.
I never feel like I’m playing catch up.

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