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Seiki helps Sulzer Pump Solutions Ireland control the flow


With more than 100 years experience, Sulzer Pump Solutions Ireland Ltd offers one of the most complete wastewater technology portfolios in the world. Divided into three business segments – domestic and commercial wastewater, wastewater collection networks and wastewater treatment – the company’s wastewater products have to compete in a global market. The efficient manufacture of these products is supported by Seiki Systems’ Networked Manufacturing System (NMS).

Sulzer Pump Solutions Ireland has been operating for 35 years at its facilities in Wexford, producing wastewater pumps for a global market. Approximately 250 people work at this site, with two thirds employed on the shopfloor. A large research and development facility was opened three years ago where next generation products are designed and tested prior to launch, and larger existing products are life tested to failure.

Equipped with an extensive array of CNC machine tools the company’s workshop operates around-the-clock. The CNC machines are arranged as 12 manufacturing cells, with most cells containing a lathe and machining centre, as well as component washing plant.

The cellular manufacturing method also allows one skilled operator to run all the machines within the cell to gain the maximum labour efficiency. Daily production meetings set the targets for the machine shop based on the global sales forecast by the company and works orders are issued to the cells.

Each operator has a PC in the cell running Seiki Systems’ Networked Manufacturing System (NMS) where all the NC programs required for that particular cell are stored.  Each program has associated operation notes, including tool types and positions, fixturing required and raw material. The operator is also able to call down the part drawing via Seiki Systems software so that visual and dimensional checks can be made during set up. Sean Mahoney states: “This is a great aid to operators and gives them the confidence to produce the parts correctly.”

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