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New Partnership with Tricorn Systems


Seiki Systems is delighted to announce its partnership with Tricorn Systems that will extend the current job processing solutions offered by Tricorn by integrating with the full range of Seiki shop floor communications and machine monitoring software.

In the current economic climate, companies are increasingly under pressure to keep costs low whilst continuing to deliver value to customers, which means eliminating waste through the entire manufacturing process. The partnership between Seiki Systems and Tricorn Systems brings together complementary technology that will enable Tricorn’s manufacturing customers to utilise an integrated solution that links essential business processes to shop floor activities; streamlining the flow of information through the organisation.

The Tricorn Job Processing Software, introduced in 1987 and developed in the UK, includes a full suite of integrated modules that provide both management and operational tools, which are particularly suited to sub-contract, KOP, KanBan, made-for-stock and make-to-order manufacturing. Designed to improve the efficiency of the total manufacturing process through variance analysis, control of lead times, inventory and work in progress, the Tricorn solution will be enhanced by extending the process control and visibility out to the shop floor utilising Seiki’s complete shop floor system to electronically distribute and collect manufacturing process data.

Seiki Systems has over 20 years experience in the development and provision of real time manufacturing systems that provide live production management information and visibility to maintain a controlled and flexible approach to the manufacturing process. The company provides a scalable solution that will grow with the customers’ requirements. Seiki’s Networked Manufacturing System (NMS) comprises of both manufacturing and business intelligence software, which at the shop floor level includes features such as work queues, SFDC, machine monitoring, technical data distribution, DNC and probe data collection. The top office analytical suite offers a remote display of machine status, machine performance analysis and OEE, key business tools that are necessary for effective work management and to achieve maximum utilisation of critical production resources.

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