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New i3 Industrial Touch Screen PC


Seiki has updated its range of touch screen hardware with the introduction of the Intel® Core i3 industrial computers.

As well as replacing the older specification model with the Intel® i3 for performance and energy efficiency improvements. Both options are available as either 15 inch or 17 inch touch screen display.

In an increasingly digitised operating environment where terms such as Manufacturing 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are shifting the focus towards smart technologies and connectivity. As manufacturing process data delivery and collection is so critical, computer hardware designed to run reliably in typical machine shop conditions to effectively and reliably support this process is a necessary consideration. The aluminium, fanless, ventless design of the Seiki PCs with their IP66 rating means they are protected from total dust ingress and protected from high pressure water jets from any direction, making them suitable for a diverse range of applications and operating environments such as factories, warehousing and retail.

As well as offering a robust and simple HMI, visual management solution on the shop floor, the all-in-one units help to reduce the footprint with a space saving depth of just 118 mm and flexible mounting options. Easily accessible interfaces and options allows users to operate in a peripheral-free environment but retain the ability to undertake a wide range of functions.

The Seiki i3 Industrial PCs are available now.

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