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New Andon Presenter Software Feature


Seiki has released a new Andon Presenter visual management feature as part of Seiki NMS, enabling customers to present live production information in strategic locations throughout their facilities to increase visibility of current manufacturing performance to the wider team. Communicating, sharing and analysing information in real time can really support organisations in their efforts to improve efficiency and productivity.

As a full screen solution the Andon Presenter is ideal for use on readily available and low cost television screens, PC monitors or projectors that can be conveniently mounted on the shop floor or in the production office, extending this real time information availability to management or supervisory personnel anywhere in the organisation.

An evolution of the classic Andon board, the Andon Presenter can be configured to present a number of performance screens on a continuous loop to deliver a combination of live and historical information to large groups of employees at the same time. For example, users can choose to alternate between a Live Status screen that delivers a colour coded depiction of the real time production status of machines, and machine utilisation and job operation performance analysis screens that summarise detailed historical data.

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