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MAS Manufacturing Barometer Report

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The latest Manufacturing Barometer report from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) is out today. You can download a full copy of the report at: or @BGS_tweets / @mas_works on Twitter.

MAS Barometer Q4 – Key Findings

Some of the key findings of this Q4 report include:

  • 55% of SME manufacturers expect staff numbers to increase in the next 6 months (Apr – Sep 2015)
  • 70% of SME manufacturers expect their sales turnover to increase in the next 6 months (Apr – Sep 2015)
  • 95% of SME manufacturers expect investment in new machinery or premises to remain the same or increase in the next 6 months (Apr – Sep 2015)
  • 84% of SME manufacturers feel that productivity needs to increase in the next 6 months (Apr – Sep 2015)

The Challenge to Increase Productivity

This report highlights the continuing challenge of productivity: “Over four fifths of respondents indicated that they felt the need to improve productivity between now and October 2015. This is an increase in the level of concern on the previous six months and indicates that firms need continuing support to boost efficiencies, reduce waste and maximise the potential of their workforce machinery”

At Seiki we strongly believe that investment in technologies such as our production control and manufacturing execution systems is more pertinent now than ever before. In an increasingly digitised operating environment where terms such as Manufacturing 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming integral to the dialogue about the future of our industry, companies need to consider ways of working smarter and taking advantage of the technologies available to support their efficiency strategies.

If increasing productivity is currently on your agenda we’d be delighted to discuss with you how we can help you to:

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