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Manufacturing performance analysis software video now online


Making sense of all the data that you collect from the shop floor via Seiki Monitoring and SFDC modules, and presenting it in a meaningful, easy to digest format that can actually be used to improve performance just got easier!

The latest Version 5 of our Performance Analysis software provides a clear, consistent and easy to use set of reporting tools. It’s simple but powerful graphical views of critical data such as productive time, resource utilisation and efficiency make it easier to interrogate reliable, actionable data from the shop floor in order to quickly identify problems and highlight areas for improvement.

Demonstration video now available

A short demonstration video of our manufacturing Performance Analysis software is now available on the Seiki YouTube channel. It contains overviews of the key features such as Live Status, Machine Utilisation Analysis and Job Report. Take 3 minutes to watch this video for an idea of how our software can support data driven lean and continuous improvement strategies.

Watch the video


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