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Lights Out…Production! Workshop


This seminar unites a wealth of experience in combining the latest technologies to combat the production challenges that the high precision manufacturing segment encounter every day. The demands for increased speed, accuracy, flexibility and quality whilst producing a wide variety of manufactured parts and small batches are not beyond reach, especially when your production capabilities of producing 24/7 unmanned, could really give you that competitive edge.

Seiki Systems along with Neuteq Limited, ABB Ltd and Haas Automation, will demonstrate how investing in flexible automation and software communications significant advancements on the factory floor can be achieved.

Date: Thursday 9th December 2010
Venue: ABB Ltd, Auriga House, Precedent Drive, Rooksley, Milton Keynes, MK13 8PQ
Time: Registration from 10am, Workshop commences at 10.30am and finishes at 3.45pm

About Neuteq Ltd

NEUTEQ has been working in the machine tool integration business for several years and have undertaken projects with a number of leading machine tool manufacturers. This has established them as a successful integrator of robotic production equipment that has been proven to improve working life, increased productivity whilst saving money for their customers. “In our journey into machine tool automation we have worked closely with ABB and we have integrated many machines with robots none more so than with HAAS by adding a robot to not just the M/C centres but to the lathes also”, explains Steve Kerr, Director of Neuteq. “Due to our success in this area we would like to make more manufacturers aware of how the robots and machines can work through the day and night unmanned using Seiki Systems technology, hence making a huge saving in today’s market that can be the difference between winning orders and losing orders by reducing the overheads”.

About Haas Automation UK

Haas Automation UK is the oldest, most established supplier of Haas CNC machine tools outside the USA. Haas UK was formed in 1991 and the company is known for redefining the industry with its award winning levels of service and support. During this open event Haas Automation will be demonstrating a low cost compact cell using their standard Mini Mill Vertical Machining Centre with an integrated ABB IRB140 6-axis robot with palletised loading and unloading allowing the machine to achieve the maximum flexibility with short batches or long running jobs but retaining the capability of manual loading if required and within the budget of restraints of every machine tool user.

About Seiki Systems Ltd

Seiki Systems specialise in manufacturing execution software solutions, integrating the entire manufacturing enterprise to provide an immediate, visual and dynamic picture of the production process. Over the last 18 years, Seiki has established links to thousands of CNC machines at customer sites in the UK and internationally. Supported by our highly experienced team of UK based software developers and engineers, we offer customers solutions that can aid their efforts to operate a lean organisation where performance and quality can be achieved through control and continuity. “We believe that there has never been a more critical time to invest and secure manufacturing control and process advantage through the complete works order lifecycle. A robust manufacturing execution system can be a key differentiator for manufacturers in an increasingly competitive environment where the demand for speed, accuracy and flexibility is greater than ever before” explains John Davis, Managing Director of Seiki. Demonstrations will show how increased visibility and control can be achieved through finite capacity planning, effective shop floor communications and real time data collection and analysis.

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