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Have you had a productive week?

OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness

How do you know if you’ve had a productive week (or day, or month even)? Lack of available data and insights is the biggest challenge facing decision-makers. And the decisions that you’re making, that impact the manufacturing process and/or business activities, should be based on facts, not estimates or personal opinions.

A data-driven approach to your manufacturing can give you the facts..

Our 3Cs approach

Our approach to digital transformation is really simple: CONNECT your production resources with Seiki AIR to COLLECT live, accurate manufacturing data that can provide you with timely, useful and reliable information to help you CONTINUOUSLY improve.

Increasing the efficiency of your critical manufacturing resources can help you do more with the same by both reducing costs as well as maximising and identifying opportunities for increasing output.

With Seiki AIR you have a flexible solution that allows you to focus on specific target areas for improvement, build your solution (metrics) gradually or take a holisitic approach from the start, for example….

  • You could start by analysing the utilisation performance of your production equipment, including legacy machines, with Seiki AIR Monitoring.
  • Add an OEE license to go a step further by measuring effectiveness using the standard OEE performance metrics (Availability, Performance & Quality).
  • For a complete 360 degree view of your manufacturing operations, our WIP Booking module will enable you to drill down to the operation level to find even the smallest productivity losses.

Live Visibility of Resource Activity and Work In Progress

With live visibility of the status of resource activity and the status of all active works order operations, alongside various performance indicators such as resource utilisation and booking of non-conformances, you can respond quickly to events that will impact performance or take preventative steps to emerging/potential problems.

We also provide many ways for your team to contribute to improvement initiatives through this shared visibility of information and the ability to provide feedback in the form of comments, attachments, reason codes and much more.

Performance Analytics

Interactive analytics screens and KPI reports enable you to identify the quick wins as well as drill down to individual status events and/or the operation level to find even the smallest opportunities for improvement. You’ll also be able to more accurately measure progress and solve complex problems faster.

Whichever approach you take to building your solution, you’ll immediately benefit from live, consistent and validated data that you can use to make informed, timely decisions.

To discuss how our software modules could support your business or if you’re looking for guidance around digital solutions for your manufacturing operations, our experienced team is here to help. Contact us on 01273 666999 or email

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