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Graphical Planning Board


Seiki Core Scheduler maintains the appearance and functionality of a traditional planning board, making it easy to use and simple to learn. It offers a number of viewing options from which to plan your workload, the primary one being the graphical planning board. We’ve recently uploaded a brief video demonstrating the key features of this view to our YouTube channel.

> Watch the graphical planning board video demo

In the Core Scheduler, the Planning Board screen displays the individual workplaces currently being scheduled. Each works order is represented by a unique colour block (randomly generated by the system) to help you easily differentiate it from other jobs scheduled to a resource. It also displays the job details such as works order number, part and operations as you hover over each block.

A dynamic solution

The Planning Board is a dynamic screen. It can be easily adjusted to display the required time period you want to view. “What-if” planning is easy with the simple drag and drop option; by selecting the operation you wish to move and dragging it into the desired position within the schedule or to a different resource, the system will then automatically re-schedule the workload for the affected resource and all the operations across the entire shop floor. The “Fill in Holes” feature will then fill any gaps that have been created. You do also have the option to use one of the automated scheduling algorithms that are available, in order to obtain an optimal schedule.

In order to maintain an optimal work schedule, defining accurate workplace information is essential. So if your actual capacity changes, the system enables you to modify the hours directly on the planning board screen, For example, if an operator is unavailable or there is a breakdown on a machine, you can simply reduce the available hours for that day (or multiple day simultaneously) to reflect it’s true capacity. You can also create the most realistic model of your capacity by adjusting the efficiency settings against individual workplaces.

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We’re delighted that you’re interested in Seiki’s production planning & scheduling software and want to hear from you. Our sales team can be contacted directly at 01273 666999 or via email and they will be happy to answer any questions that you have and to discuss technical features of the system. Alternatively, please complete our contact form

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