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Lincolnshire based NMB Minebea UK Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of bearing technologies. Employing more than 270 people at the Lincoln site alone, the Minebea Group have manufacturing facilities worldwide including Japan, Thailand and the United States. As a global business, Minebea manufactures aircraft parts that have been certified and used by virtually all major aircraft manufacturers operating in the world today.

With efficiency and productivity targets to be met, the process of collecting and analysing machine activity data prior to investing in Seiki Machine Monitoring software, was proving to be time consuming.

The company was clearly interested in understanding their machine activity and performance data as a key factor in making productivity and efficiency improvements. What the team now needed was a more effective and accurate method that would eliminate unnecessary time or money lost in the process. Andy White explains, “Obviously we were aware that automatically collecting machine performance data is considered best practice. It wasn’t until we actually saw how we could reduce all that wasted operator time with the click of a few buttons that we realised the efficiency gains we could be making.”

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NMB’s Seiki manufacturing system solution:

  • Machine Monitoring for automatic and manual data collection of machine status. Provides continuous recording of production times, including time and reasons for non-productivity.
  • Integrated to NMB’s booking system
  • Factory Status provides a dynamic real time view of the manufacturing shop environment.
  • Alarm status alerts to pass condition messages to supervisory personnel
  • Machine Utilisation performance analysis to identify the reasons for lost productivity

Key obstacles overcome by Seiki:

  • Ability to refine the core solution to suit the NMB business environment and process requirements without adding complexity to the core user functionality.
  • Previous experience of the ongoing technical support service with the DNC product gave us confidence in Seiki as a supplier.
  • Seiki was able to deliver a slick, automated solution that required minimal user intervention. Operators are able to press a button and walk away without having to enter passwords, etc.
  • With various levels of IT ability within the user base the system had to be easy to use.
  • Analysis reports needed to be customisable and fast, i.e. we need to be able to select different shifts, time periods, etc. Competitor solutions required far more parameters to be set to be able to extract the data needed.
  • The system needed to be customisable for future expansion.
  • The Seiki engineering team is sensitive and understanding of the production environment to ensure limited impact on our live operations.

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