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DLoG (UK) will present its new DLoG ITC 7 for the first time at MACH 2010. DLoG has expanded its range of 15-inch terminals with the introduction of the DLoG ITC 7, a lean touch screen industrial thin client PC for data acquisition in assembly and manufacturing. Sharing all the core features of the IPC 7, this new computer is even more suitable for a manufacturing environment where a reduced footprint on the shop floor, lower costs and flexible IT technical implementation options such as the use of browser technology for machine terminals, are needed. The ITC 7 unifies the advantages of the existing range of DLoG robust industrial PCs with the low TCO of classical Thin Clients.

The DLoG ITC 7 has been designed for reliable operation in harsh environments at low operating costs. The Intel® Celeron® M based system is protected against vibrations and against dirt and water, currently meeting IP54 protection class with testing underway to certify compliance up to IP67. The ITC 7 comes with a space-saving depth of just 70 millimeters and at the same time allows fast access to the housing protected interfaces. USB devices such as memory sticks or input devices can be used quickly and easily thanks to the easy-access service lid, where access to the service USB interface of an installed ITC 7 is simple and secure. Even access to the Compact-Flash® card is effortless. New data can be transferred in a very short time or the system can be configured using a USB keyboard. The combination of flat stable housing and protected, easily accessible interfaces is at the top of the wish list for many customers. The newest member to the DLoG product family becomes the ideal product for secure and transparent working in demanding environments.

DLoG is able to offer a tailored solution configured to customer specifications across all the key variants, such as memory size, operating system, chassis, processor, etc. The ITC 7 is also available with stainless steel housing for use in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

MACH 2010 will be the first time that Seiki Systems Ltd and DLoG (UK) Ltd have exhibited together since joining forces in May 2008. The combination of Seiki and DLoG software and industrial rugged computers provides users with a robust shop floor data collection, visualisation and communications solution. MACH 2010 will be the first chance to view the latest version of Seiki NMS – a complete shop floor communications solution – with overall system speed and performance enhancements and a brand new user interface, demonstrated on DLoG touchscreen IPC terminals.

Taking a lean approach to manufacturing means eliminating waste and reducing non-value adding activities for which fast, effective and simple shop floor communications are key. Whether querying inventory stock of finished or unfinished goods in real-time, capturing operational data reliably, or displaying information such as works order status, a DLoG ITC 7 industrial computer is ideal. The terminals support the delivery of essential business information direct to the operator at the point of use, providing them with a real time view of what is happening in production, with a view to increasing efficiency and productivity.

DLoG ITC 7 industrial thin client pc

Industrial thin client PC

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