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Achieving operational efficiency and performance targets

July 8, 2019

Managing the critical balance between operational efficiency and profitability whilst trying to find ways to add value to satisfy the demands of increasingly connected and empowered customers is a common challenge for manufacturers. In today’s highly competitive environment, the key differentiator between organisations will be the ability…

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Digital Manufacturing

June 8, 2019

Digital manufacturing delivers an integrated, visual and controlled approach to the manufacturing process. Seiki’s digital manufacturing solution helps align demand and capacity to generate an optimised production process, underpinned by the core drivers and enablers of operational efficiency: live, accurate and complete manufacturing activity and performance data.


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Seiki AIR – NEW Product Available Now

April 1, 2019

Seiki Systems has launched a next generation browser-based version of its established manufacturing operations management software, Seiki AIR.

Faster, easier and lighter, the software builds on the success of previous versions, delivering users actionable insights into their manufacturing activity and performance.

Seiki AIR comes with a host…

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Seiki Smart Factory

Smart Factory

March 27, 2018

The Smart Factory of the Future is no longer a distant ideal. It’s a very real, achievable vision that’s available to all companies that are ready to embrace the technologies behind Industry 4.0. Now is the best time to refresh your manufacturing enterprise and take the complexity out…

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Machine Monitoring: Tackling Productivity Loss

September 12, 2017

In this article, we’ll focus on how Machine Monitoring software can build greater integrity into your measurement of manufacturing equipment Availability as a critical OEE factor and focus area for tackling productivity loss. This means your team can spend more time on value adding activities that will differentiate your…

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