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Manufacturing planning software

Manufacturing Planning Software

Seiki’s real time manufacturing planning software is a complete finite capacity solution designed to provide a high level of visibility and control of your production process. The system provides a dynamic, fast and flexible solution to a typically complex management procedure. It maintains the appearance and functionality of a traditional planning board, making it easy to use and simple to learn.  It can create optimal sequences of production based on a realistic model of your true available capacity, as well as provide a clear visual indication of the impact of unforeseen changes in order to prevent late deliveries.

Seiki Scheduler Planning Board

Seiki Scheduler Planning Board

Manufacturing Planning Software

The Seiki Scheduler is designed to help minimise production times and costs by managing and creating a schedule that is based on the real capacity of your facility at any given time, and enabling you to respond quickly to both internal and external changing demands. The system also ensures that stock levels are reduced as materials are only ordered when required; that operations are only scheduled when resources are available, reducing W.I.P and avoiding bottlenecks in production and that corrective action can be taken to prevent late deliveries.

Simple drag and drop technology allows users to undertake ‘what if’ scenario planning to find an alternative, viable production plan. Automated planning and scheduling algorithms ensure an optimal schedule is achieved to minimise downtime. The software will automatically re-schedule the workload for the affected resource and all the operations across the entire shop floor so you can see the real affects of changes to the production schedule. A simple traffic light system allows you to preview the consequence of any changes, highlighting the potential impact to the delivery date on all jobs. This graphical appreciation of the workload across the facility is a significant advantage in a competitive market that demands flexibility. Maintaining manufacturing control and visibility ensures that investments made in production resources are maximised.

Performance Reporting

The Seiki Scheduler provides critical business intelligence from finished jobs and operations. The system contains analysis and reporting functions that are designed to interrogate the data held within the Scheduler database, simplifying the analysis process by condensing the information into single graphical displays for live reporting. Standard analysis features include on-time scheduled work, average works order pass through time, estimated vs actual production costs and resource utilisation.

Additional information, including technical specifications and a short demo video can be found on our production planning & scheduling product page.

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Manufacturing Planning Software

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