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Benefits of upgrading to Seiki AIR

Upgrading your manufacturing system software is a critical step in ensuring your applications stay current and it allows you to take advantage of new features and functionality. As our next generation software Seiki AIR is now available, we encourage you to start planning your upgrade for 2020. 

The first step is to speak to your Seiki account manager to arrange a meeting and demo. During this session you will cover things like your current system configuration, existing hardware suitability, server specifications and any customisation you’ve had implemented. From there we’ll be able to work with you to put together a project plan to make sure your system migration is carried out on time and to budget.

The Benefits of Upgrading your Software

  • Experience new features, such as digital batch card view, weekly order promise screen, an expanded monitoring matrix and performance dashboards on shop floor terminals
  • As most information is now processed and stored digitally, it’s important to make sure your system remains compatible and accessible with other systems and technologies
  • With cyber threats on the increase, it’s only possible to benefit from the latest security tools if you keep your software up to date
  • Outdated software and hardware is more expensive to maintain than newer versions, which have typically reduced or eliminated the problems users faced with previous versions
  • As software and technology evolves it becomes more streamlined, intuitive and easier to use – all the ingredients for improved user productivity
  • Giving your team access to the latest tools and technologies signals your investment in and commitment to improvement and success, which can lead to an increased employee sense of security and buy-in.
  • Future proofing – As our next generation digital manufacturing platform, development roadmaps ensure that Seiki AIR will provide a solid foundation for your manufacturing operations well into the fourth industrial age.


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