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Manufacturing Execution System

Seiki Productivity Suite - Manufacturing Execution System Electronically deliver manufacturing information to the shop floor Shop floor works order data collection Seiki Scheduler Graphical Planning Board Screen Performance Reporting

Seiki specialises in enabling businesses to achieve effective control of the works order lifecycle, with realistic scheduling, information at point of demand, data collection and analysis reports, resulting in improved productivity and ensures that the investments made in production resources are maximised. The Seiki solution provides manufacturing with a natural extension to existing business systems and its modularity provides a flexible solution and progressive upgrade path to bring together production and CAD/CAM at the point of execution. Our manufacturing execution system “Productivity Suite” is an integrated package of modular software that can be utilised for planning, controlling and improving the works order lifecycle of any manufacturing company that uses CNC/manual machine tools and manual processes.

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Why choose a Seiki Manufacturing Execution System?

Our most effective implementations are typically when the customer adopts a holistic approach to their manufacturing execution system, which ensures that data from shop floor can contribute directly to the effective planning and management of the production facilities.

With the extreme pressure to not only maintain but improve business performance, organisations need to be more agile in today’s highly competitive market, which means being able to respond quickly to changes and to deliver exactly what customers want, when they want it. This means exploring ways in which to extract the most from your existing resources, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement has been another key driver for the adoption of more integrated systems which can provide accurate and reliable job data as well as performance reporting. In response Seiki has evolved its solution into an integrated suite of production management software modules such as production planning, shop floor data collection, resource monitoring and shop floor communications to enable companies to address the entire works order process, from top floor to shop floor.

Furthermore the Seiki solution is scalable. The desire for an increased level of process control and visibility is not just limited to larger organisations running thousands of operations. There is an increasing awareness of the tangible benefits to be gained from adopting technologies that can really support business growth throughout the manufacturing industry. Our aim is to work with you to secure your return on investment and support your business as it grows.

An integrated approach to your production management system helps you to:

  • Control the production process at a very detailed level.
  • Continuously evaluate production KPIs.
  • Overcome fragmentation of disparate manufacturing systems and data silos.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline and accelerate the manufacturing process for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve interoperability between people, processes and machines to support greater collaboration, creative problem solving and innovation.
  • Gain faster access to more useful data.
  • Improve decision making agility.
  • Better understand the contributing factors to profitability by tracking, monitoring and analysing the entire manufacturing process.
  • Revitalise and enrich your ERP system with detailed manufacturing process information, from start to delivery.
  • Deepen relationships with customers by sharing relevant, time critical, informative data.
  • Stay at the leading edge by identifying opportunities before the competition and taking advantage of the technologies behind Industry 4.0.
Seiki Productivity Suite - Manufacturing Execution System Electronically deliver manufacturing information to the shop floor Shop floor works order data collection Seiki Scheduler Graphical Planning Board Screen Performance Reporting

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