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Customer Testimonials

“Support is great with Seiki. The program is user-friendly, easy to use, and relatively easy to support and setup. During the installation of the new product, the Seiki Engineer who arrived to initiate the upgrade really knew his stuff, could answer any questions I had and taught me how to support Seiki in numerous ways. Including resolving issues with and the setting up of serial connections, ethernet connections, brainbox hardware and Fanuc FTPservers.”

– Jay Edwards (Desktop Engineer – IT), Zodiac Aerospace Ltd


“I have been supporting the Seiki System within the Aerospace industry for the past 17 years. The Seiki system is crucial to our production within our business. We use it to control programs, deliver production notes and manuals, annotating setup pictures and controlling the documentation for production. The support engineers at Seiki are very knowledgeable and have always been able to advise us on products, configuration and maintenance issues. All in all we as a business are very pleased with the Seiki System and could not imagine running the production shops without this system.”

– Mr Jason Williams (Information Systems Design and Support engineer – Hardware / Software / Networking), Leonardo MW Ltd


“The visibility of upcoming capacity provided by Seiki’s planning and scheduling software is fantastic. It allows us to confidently decide whether to take work on and promise delivery dates we can expect to meet. It has also helped us to improve our throughput and the overall volume of work we process in a year has increased by 17%.”

– Nick Phillips (Manufacturing Manager), Ilmor Engineering


“I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you very much to Dave Michael who has been a tremendous help over the past two weeks whilst we moved our Seiki solution from one server to another.  I’ve lost count of the amount of ‘urgent’ calls I logged asking for help ASAP and each and every time Dave got straight back to me and helped get to the bottom of the problem. I’ve worked with a number of external companies over the years and I can honestly say yours comes out on top.  10 out of 10 for help, support and understanding.  Thank you!

– Kevin Cannon (IT Manager), Amphenol


“It was obvious from the outset that the Seiki software was designed for a manufacturing application and not something that had to be adapted to fit the purpose. The core out-of-the-box functionality was going to do the job we wanted it to do without needing to buy multiple “add-ons” to satisfy our requirements. But we also knew that when we want to grow the system, we’d be able to do that with Seiki.”

– Steve Wilson (Production Manager), Kirkstall Precision


“The recent update to latest Seiki Systems NMS went very smoothly and minimal training was required for the operators. The software is user friendly and once set up it manages itself.”

– Andy Stock (Manufacturing Engineer), Xylem Water Process Ltd


“The team that arrived were very professional and polite, easy to work with and made the installation process enjoyable and educational. We do have a good understanding of how the system works and we are confident having met Dave from the support team,we will have no problems as we develop better understanding of the system. Especially if we expand on the current software.”

– Steve Northcott, Dynamatic Ltd


“Brian did a very good job, he helped us understand how we would most benefit from Seiki and he understood perfectly the needs of Lanema and configure the application to those needs. I think the expectations of Lanema were accomplished, so for that Seiki team did a very good job and I dont have anything to add as an improvement, just continue working like this. Thank you all.”

– Raul Carpinteira, Solid Bridge, LDA


“The DNC software we use has worked extremely well with no real issues. The installation went very well and the service team were very prompt and efficient. We are looking to develop our systems further by purchasing more elements with Seiki Systems.”

– Lee Taylor (Manufacturing Engineer), Fives Landis Ltd


“The engineer was amazing. Giving 110%. Not just going the extra mile but doing a marathon. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable. Very good service throughout.”

– Jan Lichtarowicz, Brush Electrical Machines Ltd


“Seiki is now an integral part of the business, touching many different people and departments. It helps the team to measure productivity and make things happen – keeping the spindles turning. As the industry changes, and it will dramatically over the next 15 years with Industry 4.0, you can’t sit still. Our advanced manufacturing is technology and partnership based, truly collaborative, and our investment in Seiki is part of future-proofing our business.”

– Paul Birtles (Operations Director), Produmax

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