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Customer Case Studies

Working in partnership

The following case studies have been produced in collaboration with our customers. Seiki always endeavors to build long term and successful business relationships and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our customer’s experiences with you. Our thanks go to everyone involved in the production of the following case studies.

If you would be interested in working with us to produce an article about your experience of using a Seiki manufacturing system, please contact 

AES Seal

Find out how AES Seal uses Seiki NMS, including machine event monitoring, shop floor data collection and interactive electronic work queues to provide a direct link between shop floor activities and top floor production driven processes.

Read the AES Seal Case Study

Brecknell Willis

Find out how Brecknell Willis uses Seiki Systems software to improve efficiency and support their lean manufacturing principles, as well as provide a long-term capacity plan for the machine shop.

Read the Brecknell Willis Case Study

AK Precision Ltd

Find out how AK Precision Ltd uses the Seiki Scheduler to manage an increasingly complex set of production challenges, as well as achieve a number of direct time and cost savings, including an increase in turnover and a 50% reduction in Work in Progress.

Read the AK Precision Case Study

Pen Cutting Tools

Find out how Pen Cutting Tools uses Seiki ERP to improve productivity by saving time in the front office by keeping the entire the order process as streamlined as possible by managing all documentation from quotation to order right through to delivery note and invoice.

Read the Pen Cutting Tools Case Study

Sulzer Pump Solutions Ireland Ltd

Find out how Sulzer Pump Solutions in Wexford, Ireland uses Seiki NMS to control production and optimise the efficiency of the manufacturing process of one of the most complete wastewater technology portfolios in the world.

Read the Sulzer Pump Solutions Case Study

Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd

Find out how Siddall and Hilton improved the visibility of machine activity and individual job performance in order to visualise and quantify improvement opportunities.

Read the Siddall & Hilton Products Case Study

Working in partnership

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